Corporate Social Responsibility

At the heart of all, we do at Origin is our core value of ‘For health. For life.’ This is something which we work determinedly towards ensuring that it’s incorporated into all the elements of our business, from the way we work with our clients and suppliers, to our community and charity activities.

Origin’s values are embedded in everything that the company delivers internally and externally. Origin’s ambition is to protect the health and respond to the hopes of seven billion men and women. We feel a responsibility toward all our stakeholders. We are committed to improving access to innovative, safe healthcare solutions for patients, upholding high ethical standards in all our activities, promoting the development of our workforce and respecting the environment.

Reflective of the nature and vision of our company, publicly benefiting charities are substantially recognised and supported.

Contributions are the result of direct giving, and packaging promotions in cooperation with nominated charities. Some Origin-branded outer packaging carries the logo of representative charities.

Please download our official 2022 Corporate Social Responsibility document which explains our initiatives inside and outside of our business. From ethical responsibility to supporting charities that we believe do social and health good, we give an insight into our work that delivers good corporate social responsibility practices.

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