Working for Origin

With over 55 years of market-leading experience in the design, development and manufacture of outstanding pharmaceutical and healthcare primary packaging, Origin is constantly on the lookout for top talent.

An expanding business requires skilled personnel who can help to take our vision forward and implement it on an increasingly wider scale – do you have what it takes to turn objectives into reality?

A culture of excellence

Here at Origin, absolutely everything we do has to be of the highest standard. Aside from working to the strict regulations of ISO accreditation, FDA guidelines and practices required of a GMP supplier, we also maintain and nurture a culture of personal excellence. This involves team members being given everything they need to not only excel in their role but also redefine what should be expected of our sector.

A culture of excellence

Comprehensive personal development initiatives, one-to-one guidance and total trust in our employees is what sets us apart from our competitors, as we believe that we can only move forward by listening, innovating and committing our time to continuous improvement. We hire the most ambitious, dedicated and meticulous people, those who are set on making a difference as a team and growing as individuals


We act in excess of our duty of care to all stakeholders. We are responsible for our products, our commitments and our delivery.


What you see is what you get. Principal to every engagement, We fulfil our responsibility towards stakeholders, the community and the environment.


We embrace diversity of talent and fuel creativity. We actively encourage continuous improvement which predicts and satisfies the changing needs of the customer.

Working for Origin


  • We can learn something from everyone and are well-disposed to feedback
  • We learn from mistakes and successes in equal measure
  • We contribute to the drive for continuous improvement
  • We’re just a few short steps ahead of our competition
Melton House

A trailblazing environment

The facilities at Origin are second to none. Our pharmaceutical and primary packaging design experts have invested substantial time, capital and expertise into the development of in-house cleanrooms, automated aseptic filling facilities and sterile packaging environments.

Working for Origin

This has enabled us to provide everything our clients need all under one roof, removing any risk of contamination, non-compliance or anything less than the perfect packaging solution.

As well as the technology and systems that make Origin a trusted manufacturer for global brands, our staff follow rigorous procedures and processes to ensure unquestionable quality and consistency. If you’re looking for a career with a company that truly cares about results, we want to hear from you.

Working for Origin

Ultramodern offices

For those who keep our administrative, marketing, sales, governance, HR and financial responsibilities running smoothly, superior workspaces have been designed to optimise collaboration, personal safety and employee morale.

If you join us in one of our offices, we guarantee you’ll find that productivity and achievement come very naturally thanks to our focus on efficient operations.

Ultramodern Offices

Only by being open to discussion, ideas and creativity can we continue to evolve as a business across the board, which is why we welcome imaginative and sharp-minded thinkers to join our perpetually growing teams.

Do you think you can take Origin to the next level? Get in touch with us today.

Current Opportunities

Rarely a day goes by when Origin Pharma Packaging doesn’t conduct a targeted and strategic recruitment campaign. Take a look below to discover which openings are currently available and let us know why you think you’re the right candidate for the job.

We’re looking for confidence and boldness complemented by a thirst for lifelong learning, which when combined creates the ultimate mindset. Get in touch today to discuss how you can help us to make a positive impact on the world of pharmaceuticals and healthcare.

Careers at Origin

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