Origin was established over 50 years ago, based out of our dedicated Pharmaceutical Packaging, Logistics & Innovation Centre. Origin, design, manufacture pharmaceutical packaging and partner with licence holders and CMOs.

The Drug Development Process

The Coronavirus crisis has affected almost every country on the planet, and there has never been more interest in the processes of developing drugs and vaccines. As case numbers continue to rise, and teams of dedicated scientists work around the clock to develop new treatments and create a vaccine, it’s fascinating to take a closer…

How great a threat is climate change to human health, and why?

Climate change is perhaps the most complex issue facing modern society, affecting every aspect of human life, including health. There will be beneficial health impacts from milder winters which could help to reduce the winter-time peak in deaths. Hotter than average summers could also help to limit disease-transmitting mosquito populations, for example. However, scientists agree…

Origin Pharma Packaging Launch New Child Resistant Jar

Origin Pharma Packaging has launched a piece of packaging dedicated to the medicinal cannabis industry The newly designed child-resistant jar is created to support the ‘flower# product which is often prescribed in certain European countries as ‘buds’. These products/ medicines have to be packaged up safely as they will be entering a domestic environment where…

What is Smart Packaging?

Smart Packaging links the physical world with the digital world: Smart packaging forms a perfect “digital bridge function” between manufacturers, retailers, consumers and social media channels. What is still often used to protect, and label goods today will increasingly receive new functions in the future thanks to digital technologies. Packaging becomes more individual, personal and communicative….