Origin Unites in Supporting Child Safety Week

Most accidental ingestions of medicine occur in children under the age of 5. According to the British Governments ONS, medicine accounts for 70% of UK hospital poisoning admissions, the most vulnerable age being 2 years.

Most of us have little or no recollection of life at 2 years old. For those of us who are blessed with children we know it’s a demanding phase, a two-year-old is truly dependent yet not far beneath the surface lies an insatiable curiosity and quiet? determination! Life at 2 becomes “hands on” – in every sense of the word.

At Origin we’ve spent the past 53 years preventing harm to young life and like any seasoned parent of 53 years we have a few experiences both good and bad. Probably one of the most tragic situations any of us can witness are the effects of accidental child ingestion of a medicine.
Ingestions are traumatic and the most serious leave a devastating impact on everyone they touch, from the immediate patient and family members, to the health professionals and authorities that offer what support and relief they can. Origin’s experience, knowledge and advice has been sought in a number of these tragic circumstances.

That’s why we’re passionate about child safe medicine packaging at Origin. We design, manufacture and supply the safest products currently available and individually code every product for ultimate traceability. We fulfil a very responsible role in supplying much of the packaging used in today’s pharmacies.

Origin also contribute to the work of non-profit organisations such as the Child Safe Packaging Group and are actively engaged in pre-assessing the reliability of child safe devices. We’re proud of our history, supplying over 40 million devices per annum with zero defects reflects our serious commitment to child safety. For more information, please visit Child Resistant Packaging.

Child Safety Week at your fingertips