Hybrid Pharma Packaging Partner Continues to Strengthen its Proposition after Industry Recognition

CPhI Pharma Awards FINALISTS – Recognizing Excellence in Pharma: HP3 continues to strengthen its Proposition after Industry Recognition

CPhI Worldwide is the largest pharmaceutical industry-led gathering in the world and Origin Pharma Packaging attended as exhibitors to officially launch a number of pharmaceutical packaging innovations. These consisted of: the lightest Child Resistant Closure of its kind that conforms to closure regulations (in addition to being the most flexible closure) and HP3 – Hybrid Pharma Packaging Partner: Revolutionising the Pharmaceutical Primary Packaging Supply Chain.

Origin Pharma Packaging are becoming disruptors within the pharmaceutical packaging supply chain globally, and HP3 has driven innovation into the design, strategic manufacturing and supply of pharmaceutical packaging.

HP3 is a model which embraces change in how pharmaceutical packaging is supplied across the globe. The pharmaceutical market is a slow turning juggernaut and this has earned it a lot of critics due to the lack of speed and creative innovation in its supply chain approach. HP3 provides flexibility for the CMO or license holder on production techniques, whilst still allowing them to retain their ability to depict where the packaging is manufactured geographically, in order that it is strategically produced near to the designated filling site, reducing transportation time, waste and pollution and ultimately increasing speed to market.

The pharmaceutical market is traditionally reluctant to change, and therefore HP3 has set out to educate the market on how the assets and unique approach of the pharmaceutical packaging supply chain model can be integrated into any size, structure of pharmaceutical organisation anywhere in the world. HP3 comprises of three elements:

Design & Innovation
Strategic Manufacturing
Supply Chain Management

Hybrid Pharma Packaging Partner is accelerating the competitiveness of the pharmaceutical primary packaging industry by raising the performance of its supply chain. It is a model that is revolutionising the pharmaceutical packaging supply chain.

CPhI Barcelona was the ideal global platform to educate a concentrated pharmaceutical-orientated audience on HP3 and how the model increases speed and reduces costs. HP3 appeals to a wide range of demographics, from Brand Managers through to Supply Chain Directors, which shows the model is receptive to any type of profile who would like to implement the HP3 model into either, or all, of their design & innovation, strategic manufacturing or supply chain management functions.

Origin Pharma Packaging entered HP3 into the International CPhI Pharma Awards in recognition of its success in 2016. 100s of entries were submitted and HP3 was shortlisted as a Finalist (of four) for the prestigious awards ceremony in Barcelona.

HP3 was named as a finalist because HP3 the model showed innovation in technologies, products, processes, and services for ensuring the safe handling and tracking of drug substances, raw materials, and finished drug products including, but not limited to, logistics, cold chain, transport services, track and trace, shipping containers and distribution channels.

HP3’s assets are design, manufacturing and supply chain management which is delivered ‘under one roof’. The adaptability of HP3 is that the pharmaceutical company can use the full pharmaceutical packaging supply chain process (from design, through to supply) or utilise HP3 for supply chain management.

Hybrid Pharma Packaging Partner creates a small supply chain through local availability via regional distribution centres and delivering operational excellence and reduced total cost of ownership for the client. Entering the design and innovation stage for any pharmaceutical packaging project, the client enters a leading-edge process (PILOT) which is not biased towards single site capabilities when the packaging project goes to commercial due to the strategic acquisitions of manufacturing cells across Europe and the U.S.

Overall, HP3 creates superior outcomes via the combination of multi disciplines and increased competitiveness through fast track developments.

Origin Pharma Packaging are disrupting the pharmaceutical packaging supply chain and with the international recognition received by CPhI Worldwide, HP3 has been launched into 2017 with momentum and a strong value of increasing the speed to market within the pharmaceutical packaging supply chain.