Origin and CAPT: creating a safer world for our children

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Origin is proud to announce that we have continued our Silver Patronage of the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT). Our ongoing support of this dedicated charity is helping to improve child safety and bring life home for children.

Ensuring the safety of all our customers is at the heart of what we do at Origin, with our 60 years of expertise positioning us as one of the leading pharmaceutical packaging companies in child-resistant packaging.

The Child Accident Prevention Trust

The Child Accident Prevention Trust is the only UK charity to focus on preventing death and serious injury to children from avoidable accidents.

Their vision is a safer world for all our children, and this aligns with the values embedded within Origin.

As a Silver Patron, our support helps CAPT increase awareness of new risks to children, provide essential resources to families, inform professionals in local communities, and ultimately share life-saving advice to parents and families.


Origin Child Resistant Bottle Held By Infant Image

The Origin Difference

Each year we contribute to avoiding over 40 million ingestions of tablets and liquids, through our insistence on effective and compliant child-resistant plastic container design.

Our child-resistant packaging solutions use a variety of methods. This includes multi-step mechanisms and ergonomic oversizing, to make sure that hazardous substances are kept safely out of the reach of children, but remain accessible to adults.

Our reclosable packaging solutions comply with standard BSEN ISO8317 and the US equivalent 16CFR 1700.20. All packaging is tested thoroughly, both the container and closing mechanism.


A Word From Our MD

Keith Wade states:

“Origin continuously strives to ensure the domestic safety of children through meticulous design and testing of our packaging. We share the same goal as CAPT and thanks to our packaging, over a billion potential ingestions have been avoided!  We’re glad to offer our ongoing support for the worthy cause.” 

We’re proud to be a key part of this safety initiative and will continue our important work in securing everyday life for children.

View our range of child-resistant packaging here.

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