Child Resistant Experts – 42 million potential ingestions prevented in 2015.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers can ensure that standards of quality are adhered to, including sophisticated serialisation processes, but all of this will be in vain if the absolute safety of children isn’t paramount. At Origin, child-resistant design is a key focus of our product development process, we’re passionate about ensuring little ones are protected from accidental ingestion.

Children are inherently curious and enjoy discovering new shapes, objects and experiences of their own volition. This is an important part of growing up and should be encouraged, which means that manufacturers as much as parents need to work in unison with this natural instinct. We collaborate closely with the Child Safe Packaging Group (CSPG) to understand, recognise and respond to children’s needs, contributing to the avoidance of over 40 million ingestions per year through superlative safeguarding techniques.

If a child ingests a substance intended for an adult or medicinal purposes, it can result in serious repercussions. This extends beyond the family in question and affects the medical profession, legal representatives and the supply chain, causing significant trauma, financial implications and often devastating damage to brands. By meeting and indeed exceeding the stipulations of international standards BSEN ISO8317 and 16CFR1700, Origin demonstrates an ethical code that lies at the heart of our philosophy of safe, dependable and consistent solutions.

The packaging of medicine does of course come with its own unique legislation, standards and demands. This isn’t just as a result of exploratory children, but also the illegal tampering of packaging by criminals and unlawful organisations. By fitting all packaging products with child-resistant features, the likelihood of tampering is dramatically reduced. However, we have also developed a form of invisible traceability, offering unparalleled levels of security and supporting the CSPG’s mission to make the world a safer place for families.

With over half a century’s research and development in child-resistant construction, Origin truly is a global leader in pharmaceutical packaging. This is applied to all stages of our HP3 business model, covering design, materials, tooling, trials, validation, production, assembly and even subsequent marketing, guaranteeing that our customers’ products are tailored to specific requirements whilst presenting universal reliability.

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