Serialisation & The Battle Against Counterfeiting

Pharmaceutical production is a high-risk industry, requiring adaptive problem-solving combined with state-of-the-art safeguarding methods. Due to the end consumers’ need for total confidence in the legitimacy and quality of a product, the packaging must guarantee reliability. This is achieved by optimising the entire process for professional documentation and tracking, all the way from point of production to point of sale. A major part in the delivery of this peace of mind is serialisation, in progress across the global supply chain.

Drugs counterfeiting can have crippling consequences for multiple stakeholders; the most concerning being the possible side effects for the consumer, but additionally the financial implications for licence holders and the potential damage to public trust in health authorities, surgeries and staff. By providing a comprehensive outsource serialisation system for our pharmaceutical clients, Origin Pharma is helping to fight illegal and dangerous activity, mitigate loss and theft, address incorrect transit and reimbursement fraud. Safety is paramount, and we’re here to ensure its delivery on an individual level and a worldwide scale.

Serialisation extends beyond strings of numbers and includes randomised codes, adding complexity as a means of combatting imitation and vandalism. Specialised printing techniques and tamper-proofing also play large roles, making human interference practically impossible. Depending on which countries your company supplies to, all of the above can differ to result in a sizeable range of options, leaving no room for discrepancy or uncertainty. At Origin, our experts are dedicated to creating precise and trustworthy solutions, tailored to your needs whilst capable of being adapted to new export markets and augmented in line with your output.

It is this consistency of product and flexibility of application that has established Origin Pharma as a leading provider of pharmaceutical packaging. Our services are fully compliant to all quality requirements, making us a trusted supplier to drug manufacturers, healthcare institutions and consumers across the globe. The safety and welfare of the end user is at the core of our philosophy and corporate culture. Exemplary skills, and now expertise in serialisation, can be constitutionally applied to each and every item of packaging, all part of corporate responsibility to ‘bring healing home’.

As with all of our departments, the outsource serialisation concept is operated within the industry standard ISO 15378. Nothing leaves our premises without complying to legal requirements for pharmaceutical packaging materials. In a supply chain renowned to lack of manoeuvrability, it’s our job to make sure that the right products reach the right destination, whilst allowing sophisticated tracking in the event of a third party control.

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