Origin’s Statement Relating to Shipping Issues in the Red Sea

Cargo Ship Image

The recent attacks on shipping in the southern Red Sea have led to many operators diverting sailings around the Cape of Good Hope to avoid the area. This has resulted in an increase in journey time and a pinch on the availability of container space, pushing up costs.

Origin’s unique manufacturing and supply chain structure ensures that you suffer minimal disruption in relation to events such as these. We took the strategic decision in 2020 to focus on manufacturing in the UK and mainland Europe at locations close to our UK and European customers. This strategy, coupled with the extensive range of stock held at our warehouses, will allow you to continue to experience the highly consistent supply of primary packaging at the service levels you are used to.

Where raw material is sourced from overseas, we do everything we can to safeguard supply.  However, an understanding of our customers’ needs is imperative to the performance of our supply chain and we urge you to consider your future needs to inform our forecasting.

If you wish to experience this consistency or if you have any specific questions relating to shipping or availability issues, please contact us at:

T: +44 (0)1482 638380

E: sales@originltd.com

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