The Importance of Compliant Primary Packaging

The Importance of Compliant Primary Packaging

International standards keep people safe, so we take them very seriously.

Every industry has its risks and threats, but surely none more so than the world of pharmaceutical packaging. With medicinal products being so crucial to the prevention and treatment of countless infective agents, disorders and conditions, everyone from the healthcare professional to the patient needs to know that there has been no possibility of contamination or tampering prior to administration.

To ensure quality, consistency and safety, the World Health Organization, individual governments, pharmaceutical companies and packaging designers all work together, maintaining a system that neutralises any activity that could compromise the purity of a medicinal product. By meeting and indeed exceeding the stipulations of international standards BSEN ISO8317 and 16CFR1700, Origin demonstrates an ethical code that lies at the heart of our philosophy of safe and dependable solutions. How this is achieved takes numerous forms, all of which are essential to primary packaging compliance.

Every pharmaceutical product must be protected from the environment and vice versa. A compromised product could mean serious ramifications for the consumer, and accidental introduction to unsuitable surroundings as a result of rupture or leakage poses a danger to those who may come into contact with it. In order to provide physical and chemical stability for the product, its primary packaging must act as an effective barrier to oxygen, bacteria, light, volatiles and moisture. Simultaneously, it has to safeguard the product from mechanical trauma during transit, distribution and storage. This combination guarantees product integrity until consumption or designated expiry.

Primary packaging has another crucial role in the form of enabling accurate dosage. This could be directly via built-in dispensers, or indirectly through manual removal or pouring. If the container has design flaws, costly and hazardous wastage could occur. Furthermore, primary packaging must provide all necessary information for the purposes of identification, preparation, dosage, administration, storage, shelf life and disposal. Without this guidance, a pharmaceutical product cannot be used.

Our teams of specialists are committed to 100% compliance with all national and international standards, leading the way in everything from child-resistant packaging to ease of use for the consumer.

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