Customer Services

Here at Origin, our customers are at the very core of our commitment to excellence. We work with you at every step of the way to assess and understand your needs, supply you with optimal products and services, or provide a referral service if the product most suitable to your needs is outside of our range.

We continue to provide you with aftercare through a dedicated customer service team to ensure that you are satisfied with every Origin experience.

We value our customer’s feedback and we appreciate all of the responses that we receive when we send out our satisfaction surveys. We work to the Net Promoter Score to assess how well we are doing from our customer’s point of view. Put simply, we learn how likely it is that you would recommend us. We know you are busy which is why we try to keep our surveys very short, they can usually be completed within 30 seconds!

If you would recommend us, we keep doing what we do that makes that possible. If you would not be happy to recommend us, we put the work in to change this around e.g. by offering extra training wherever applicable. By focussing on a single customer satisfaction metric that is very clear and easy to understand, it motivates the whole company to be completely customer focussed.

It also allows us to respond and put improvement measures in place quickly. We will keep you informed of our NPS Score at regular intervals on our website. You can look forward to an ever-improving standard of service from Origin thanks to our visible NPS Score.

Customer Service Feedback

We welcome your feedback to help us to continually improve upon our service.