Act Now. Not Later. Compliant Child Resistant Packaging.

One of our strongest values is protecting children from harmful substances and to ensure that all ‘CR’ packaging is compliant and has gone through the necessary testing.

We are on a mission to encourage all brand and license holders on an international scale, to take responsibility in protecting child from their product in the domestic environment. We have created a video that explains that a collective and proactive strategy will support and encourage companies to convert their packaging to compliant child resistant packaging.

We are finding more products in the domestic environment that are potentially dangerous to children. This can be anything from liquid nicotine to bleach and other household goods.  Recently two companies in the US have had to do a full product recall as the essential oils they were supplying were not in CRC packaging.

We, as a child resistant packaging specialist have an ethical and legal responsibility to work with you to ensure their packaging is compliant, child resistant packaging.

As a member of the child safe packaging group, we are responsible to reinforce the message to all brand owners that it is our combined responsibility to protect children from potentially harmful substances

This is particularly important in new emerging industries where there is less regulation and clarity of expectations. This puts the responsibility back on you to do what is right for your product.

You can gain access to over 50 years of child resistant packaging experience.  We will explain the common dangers, the risk to your brand value, what happens following a child ingestion, and why there is no such product as a child resistant cap!

Be ethical. Be responsible. Be serious about your brand and become a leader in protecting children.


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