Child Resistant Blister Pack Wallet Becomes Smarter

Origin Pharma Packaging officially launched SmartX child resistant cartons at CPhI North America today, within the Packaging Innovation Zone. The 2017 innovation is engineered from one piece of card, which becomes a strong proposition to a number of industries, as there will be minimal disruption.

A child resistant, tamper evident, blister pack wallet which can have the ability to enhance child resistance from F1 to F8 (subject to blister pack criteria).

Origin’s NPD team have taken time and consideration about the packing stages and with in-depth knowledge of the packaging/ packaging process, SmartX has been designed from of one piece of card. The advantages of a mono-design is that it is a seamless process to pack the drug or selected product. It also appeases the pharmaceutical ethos of sustainability and reducing waste.

SmartX optimises the ethos of Origin Pharma Packaging, ensuring the safety of the global population through well designed, commercially viable child resistant packaging. The design has two layers of child resistance, not inclusing the tamer evident band which allows the user to open the wallet, view the product and information but not actually gain access to the product itself. In addition to this, the two layers of child resistance is the blister foil itself and a second element of ‘internal slider device’, which moves to hide or reveal the apertures through which the user removes the product.

SmartX is produced from either virgin or recycled material and always from sustainable sources. The device is 100% recyclable.

The capacity of SmartX is completely variable and can accommodate a host of tablet capacities.

SmartX was officially launched at CPhI North America within the Innovation Zone. Allowing the exhibition visitors to view the product first-hand but also allow them to view a detailed product video, to take them through the design of SmartX and simple it is to incorporate into current packaging lines.

For more information, please visit the dedicated innovation page for SmartX: CLICK HERE

SmartX – Simplicity in Tablet Packaging Safety!