Company Statement – Britain and the European Union

As a valued stakeholder we would kindly ask for your consideration of the following statement which reflects the public position of this company in regard of the recent vote by the people of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. Origin Packaging Limited is an established company registered in England, providing the pharmaceutical supply chain with compliant packaging for the promotion of health and wellbeing amongst the global population. We are committed to the development of lasting relationships with all stakeholders; our people, our trusted partners and our clients.

Key to the success Origin have experienced is the excellent relationships that exist between ourselves and our trusted supply partners in Europe. From our side we wish to assure you that our commitment to you remains completely unchanged and we hope to rely on your continued support through this difficult period of political and economic turbulence. Already the financial impact is being observed in excessive fluctuations in exchange rates and we anticipate this could persist for a period of time before conditions reach a level of stability.

As stated within our statement of values, ‘Principal to every engagement, Origin is dedicated to fulfilling our responsibility towards the stakeholders, the community and the environment.’ Additionally, ‘We embrace diversity of talent and experience which fuels creativity. We actively encourage continuous improvement to meet the needs of the ever changing and challenging environment.’ Origin is deeply thankful for the contribution of its workforce and the talent drawn from multiple cultures and ethnicities. The choice to leave the European Union is a matter of personal discretion and was decided by a marginal majority of the UK citizens.

It should not be considered the choice of all. For Origin, as for many persons in the United Kingdom, the result is not desirable economically. Whilst we respect that challenges in the UK/EU relationship were present, we also acknowledge the benefits that the European Union has delivered especially relating to tariff-free trade, freedom of travel, access to research and development, and a common set of rules between 28 countries. Origin does not support isolationist national notions or sentiment.

We will do all we can to pursue the speedy return of stability and ask for your continued co-operation and support. We also depend on your consideration of the significant financial impact experienced by our company and a combined of effort to sustain our growth journey together.

Thank you for your partnership.