MedAssess – Helping Detect and Monitor Diabetes

Origin Pharma Packaging deliver design and innovation excellence in pharmaceutical packaging. Their next NPD project has seen them fight the battle for clear, sterile procedures for diabetes testing across the globe.

Of the 65 million people living in the UK it is estimated that 750,000 of us have undiagnosed type 2 diabetes. That’s in addition to the 4 million diagnosed and currently undergoing some form of treatment. It is widely recognised with a degree of concern that the number of people with type 2 diabetes is increasing in most parts of the world and the work of organisations such as Diabetes UK is all towards raising awareness of the symptoms and encouraging persons to make use of the test centres available at health centres and pharmacies around the country.

Possibly the greatest increase in diabetes is seen in the South Asian and African-Caribbean population. In these developing countries challenges of poverty, ignorance, lack of access to equipment and inadequate training all contribute to the delays in detecting the condition. Among the most pitiful situations that pertain are sub-Saharan Africa (where traditional healing is prevalent) and the Indian continent where an estimated 40 million of the 1000 million population are affected with the condition.

The endeavours of outreach workers to address these challenges are admirable although in reality, here in the West we know too little about this small army of healthcare workers. The hostile natural environment that these teams endure in some of the most undeveloped areas of our inhabited planet adds an additional challenge to their operations. Disease and cross-contamination are everyday threats facing these unsung and largely unknown heroes.

There are several initiatives under way. Whilst Urban Diabetes are bringing awareness of the needs in the cities of the world, a recent development by Origin Pharma has introduced a low cost, sterile procedure pack (MedAssess) to deliver a convenient and consistent approach to diabetes testing in the field. The product extends even beyond diabetes applications to provide for the safe delivery of vaccines generally.

Anything to support the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes is overdue. We’ve known of it’s existence since 1552BC and modern diabetes history probably commences with the arrival of insulin in 1910, Eli Lilly one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers started commercial production of insulin in 1923, BD’s first syringes for insulin came in 1950 – along with the paper test strips we’re all familiar with.

Diabetes Test

Our awareness has increased and refinement of treatments have been numerous in the ensuing years. But is the gap between developed and under-developed countries increasing? We believe so.

The unwillingness to sufficiently fund treatment by some governments hinders any significant improvement and generally leads to a widening gap. Organisations such as PATH are devoted to improving the lives of those less privileged and innovations such as MedAssess will shortly be available globally to support those on the frontline be it in your local pharmacy or in the outback. More needs to be done and awareness of the symptoms of diabetes is crucial to identifying and tackling the condition early.

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