New Website Launch: Origin create new and engaging online platform

Origin Packaging – pharmaceutical primary packaging experts has unveiled a brand new website to encapsulate their ethos, flexibility and passion for innovation within primary packaging. The new website has been seven months in the making, which now creates a positive user experience but also clearly defines Origin’s pharma supply chain model to the global pharmaceutical community.

The website itself has a number of elements to allow the user to research the company, seek information about products and also to enquire with ease, regarding custom packaging design (and support) which is Origin’s custom process called PILOT.

The content of the new website varies and engages with the audience on a personable, yet technical level. The new platform also has a number of videos with the main ‘about us’ section delivering the corporate message (seen here: ).

Head of Marketing, Richard Quelch explains the layout and projected user experience of the new site, “We took a large amount of time and research into the psychology of an online visitor and how they will potentially react to the user experience of the new website. We have been meticulous in our design to allow the online visitor to easily navigate, to seek information about custom primary packaging design services, to enquiring about our quality certificates.” Richard goes onto explain the interaction that the site gives to the visitor:

“We wanted to ensure full interactivity with everything a visitor did on the website. The Hybrid Pharma Packaging Partner map allows the user to see where our manufacturing cells are located globally and the ability to download PDFs about previous case studies (primary packaging design projects). The website is built in a way to allow the online brand to evolve over time and maintain interest”.

Origin was established over 50 years ago and now operate globally from our dedicated Pharmaceutical Packaging, Logistics & Innovation Centre. We engage in the design, manufacture and consolidated supply of pharmaceutical packaging, partnering with licence holders and CMOs.