Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – Essential to the Pharma Supply Chain?

In the words of the Origin Pharma Packaging project sponsor, the ERP implementation journey is; “definitely one of the most challenging transitions facing progressive SME’s.”…

ERP software enables small businesses to replace multiple departmental procedures, systems and databases with an integral program suite that utilizing a single database. ERP software comprises key business functions; quality, HR, order processing, production control and finance etc. The use of a central database, a consistent technology platform and coordinated user interface enables improved integration, cross-departmental efficiencies and any number of productivity, operational and asset management benefits.
So is it simple? Reviewing the above statement conjures the compelling vision of a paradise where a blend of data consistency and availability equates a euphoric performance. Look closer and identify a number of indefinite ideals, masked by the prevalence of the promised outcomes and lost in the absence of any precautionary stipulations.

Implementing an ERP system requires careful planning to first establish and deliver on the original project goals whilst minimizing the risk of failure.

In the experience of Origin Pharma Packaging, SAP was selected due to its capacity to include industry-specific functions such as officially regulated business processes.

The benefits include:

• ISO compliance (functional) through
•Quality assurance throughout the supply chain
•Comprehensive documentation (version, revision, drawing, batch and serial numbers)
•Advanced planning and scheduling for group, individual and alternative resources (machinery, tools, personnel), in order to optimize capacity and productivity
•Convenient cost calculation per article, production order and batch; flexible multi-level margin calculation, etc.
•Easy integration of subsystems like CAD/PLM, machinery (PLC), pattern optimization, etc.

“Despite the challenges experienced” he pauses, then adds “and still ahead, implementing SAP is facilitating an altogether new era of information availability, not only traceable, but communicable and beneficial to our entire client base.”