Origin Pharma Packaging Showcase Instrumental Child Safety Compliant Packaging with Full Traceability

Origin Pharma Packaging work on a global scale, with Headquarters in Melton – UK, innovation offices in New York, London and Glasgow with strategic manufacturing sites across Europe and the U.S. Working with global pharmaceutical companies across the globe, we also work alongside large Blue Chip pharmacy corporations within the U.K.

The two products below describe the innovations that enabled UK pharmacies (and pharma companies) to be able to be safe in the knowledge they are purchasing child compliant packaging, as the cap and bottle came from the exact same source. Historically companies were buying a closure from one source and the bottle from another, making the pack ‘incompliant’ and leaving open host of pitfalls when it comes to traceability within pharmaceutical packaging.

Medopac und Unopac are revolutionary and have paved the way for initiating child compliant packaging into the pharmacy market, to ensure 100% safety for when the packaging enter the domestic market. Medopac and Unopac are accredited to ISO:8317:2004 and BS1679:8 and are manufactured in the controlled conditions. The bottle and cap is 100% recyclable which maintains its integrity in being sustainable for the environment.

The Medopac&copy and Unopac&copy pack design are specifically stamped with a UV code to drive integrity and traceability of the product. This ensures that the product is fully complaint and can also be tracked to where it was produced.

Child resistant packaging (and design) is the expertise of Origin Pharma Packaging and are frequently engaging with pharma companies to support in the development of their current pharmaceutical packaging, or a new pharmaceutical packaging projects that requires a child resistant design.

The history of Origin Pharma Packaging is based upon the eradication of child ingestions, to enable a safer environment in the domestic home when pharmaceutical paraphernalia is about. Such the passion and ability to design, support current pharmaceutical packaging projects (that require a re-design to conform to child resistant BSI EN ISO 8317 requirements for prescription medication), we can pre-test your designs before it goes into official child safety testing, to ensure the design to have a 100% pass rate. With very close affiliations with the Kindersichere Verpackungen Group, it enables Origin to pre-test the packaging and make recommendations on the design to ensure it will pass.

pharmaceutical packaging compliance

Medi-Loc: – the close relation of Unopac&copy above, these amber type 3 moulded glass medical bottles are also pre-capped with Medi-Loc child resistant caps. They are a favourite with dispensing pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers developing specials. Every bottle and cap has UV traceability coding providing seamless traceability. The pharma-compliant glass bottles contain up to 75% recycled glass content and as a pack they are tested to exceed the requirements of ISO 8317:2004 (Child Resistance) and BS1679: Part 6 (light transmission). Available with tamper evident or standard child-safe closures these products are guaranteed contamination free being produced in a controlled environment, automatically capped and 100% recyclable.

Unopac&copy: – Many acclaim to be the most user-friendly, conventional medicine container! These tablet bottles are manufactured in controlled conditions from PET and PET-R materials and then immediately pre-capped with Medi-Loc&copy child safe caps. Every bottle and cap is invisibly UV coded for complete pack traceability. The product meets and exceeds the requirements of ISO 8317:2004 (Child Resistant Packaging) and BS1679:8 (light transmission). The packs are guaranteed contamination free and are 100% recyclable. Unopac&copy is suitable for all solid dose medicine dispensing; additionally, our special formulation of PET polymer is also independently tested and approved for use with liquid medicine.

USPs of Medopac and Unopac

– Unique UV marking for traceability
Manufactured in controlled conditions
– ISO 8317:2004 (Child Resistant Packaging).
– BS1679:8 (light transmission)
– 100% recyclable
– PET polymer (approved and tested for liquids)

We are continually redefining pharmaceutical packaging design and with our dedicated NPD department, we are driving innovation in the pharmaceutical packaging market that is enabling pharmaceutical companies to be faster, more agile, greater sustainability attributes and assisting in driving down costs.