The Future of Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials

Origin has over half a century’s experience in creating state-of-the-art packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. In a sector that is ever-changing in terms of demand, specific needs and risks, we’ve held our position at the forefront of research, development and design. Consequently, we can ensure that every product supplied not only responds to current requirements, but also anticipates potential trends.

Primary packaging is the first pharmaceutical packaging material to come in to direct contact with the contents, such as plastic, glass bottles, dispensers and closures. Whilst the pharmaceutical product itself must be of the highest quality, it’s only as pure and trustworthy as the material that shields it. The same applies to security and safety, as the primary packaging is crucial to preventing damage, leakage and tampering. That’s why Origin invests substantial time and resources into the continued development and testing of our packaging, guaranteeing that each individual item can withstand a range of logistical stages and storage environments, keeping the contents precisely as intended.

Over a prolific company history, our experts have devised, tried, tested and evaluated thousands of ideas, designs and processes. This follows our P.I.L System (Product. Intelligence. Learn.), which allows our Sales, Marketing and Operations departments to collaborate intensely. Through this cooperative process, we establish the exact specifications that will enable smooth and reliable packaging and distribution activity, all the way from conceptualisation to consumption.

What does the future hold for pharmaceutical packaging materials? It’s safe to say that with an expanding customer base across the globe, interference from illegal organisations on the rise and even child intelligence naturally increasing, our journey has no end. There’s always something that can be improved in order to combat possible threats and detrimental shifts, so we have our best minds on the case 24/7.

Speaking of child safety, our child-resistant packaging is second to none. We collaborate closely with the Child Safe Packaging Group (CSPG) to understand, recognise and respond to children’s needs, contributing to the avoidance of over 40 million accidental ingestions through superlative safeguarding techniques. This means that when you or a healthcare worker administer an Origin-protected product to a minor, you can rest assured that it has remained in a safe and sterile condition ever since leaving the production line.

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