• Innovative advanced moulded valve technology
  • Preventing accidental access to the contents
  • Risk of spills, evaporation and contamination eliminated
  • Delivery of product in a controlled method
  • Significantly reduces risk of falsifying medicines

This clever innovation utilises advanced moulded valve technology. The Sealsafe device enhances the safety and security of your pharmaceutical formulation, preventing accidental access to the contents of the packaging after the closure is removed.

Whilst most valve closures we use in our day-to-day lives provide delivery of a product in a controlled method, this valve will not deliver any product unless the accompanying syringe is used. The more pressure is applied to the device to extract your product the tighter the valve closes!

Insertion of an oral syringe however is easy and this action opens the valve sufficiently to allow the dose you require to be removed. Remove the syringe and the valve immediately closes without any loss of product.

Accuracy of dosing is greatly enhanced and the operation is much safer than conventional spoons, beakers – or even other open-hole syringe plugs. The contents are always protected, the risk of spills, evaporation and contamination are eliminated and the device also provides restriction to any piracy attempts at falsifying medicines.

Talk to Origin Pharma Packaging about this patented product and how it works in combination with our other innovations.

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