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Origin is an expert in producing child-resistant packaging, including a range of closures, such as traditional twist caps, atomisers, pipettes, droppers and more.

As an industry leader in pharmaceutical packaging, Origin products are designed to provide a safe and secure way to access healthcare and medical products, including tablets, powders, liquids and even aromatherapy products like CBD oil.

All our child-proof products are developed by our expert team of designers and technologists in our world-class global manufacturing facilities with dedicated cleanroom environments. So, you get peace of mind that every product features the latest child-resistant technology.

Safe, secure and intuitive

Origin child-resistant closures are designed to prevent accidental access to harmful products by children. And all our products meet the highest industry standards and are 16 CFR 1700.20-approved and CRC-compliant.

Our closures include child-resistant mechanisms without compromising on performance. Our range of closures are designed to offer an intuitive and effortless experience, for example, accurate dropper dosages and mist sprays.

View our range of child-resistant closures to find a compatible product for your bottles and containers, or work with our expert team to develop a bespoke solution.

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