Origin is a manufacturer of pharmaceutical glass vials, sterile moulded and tubular glass vials (USP type I, II and III) sample vials in a range of sizes for packaging use. Origin, where you can purchase sterile Injection vials for pharmaceutical products with a choice of neck finishes from a UK based wholesaler. Manufactured to conform to the United States Pharmacopeia, British Standard BS1679 and European Pharmacopoeia standards and specifications, ready-to-use vials and serum vials for use in the laboratory, as pharmaceutical containers and by the pathology / medical industry ( ISO 11418 standard). Standard type vials with a range of different openings and closures, screw caps, snap-top, crimp, sealed small glass vials. Neutral, heavy walled type 1 borosilicate glass in brown/amber and clear glass, dram vials, moulded flat and rounded bottom empty vials (custom options available).

55 years in operation 55 years in operation
International Delivery and Distribution Network International Delivery and Distribution Network
Cleanroom & Multiple Manufacturing Techniques Cleanroom & Multiple Manufacturing Techniques
ISO 15378 compliant ISO 15378 compliant

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