HDPE-Flaschen im Großhandel

55 Jahre im Einsatz 55 Jahre im Einsatz
Internationales Liefer- und Vertriebsnetzwerk Internationales Liefer- und Vertriebsnetzwerk
Cleanroom & Multiple Manufacturing Techniques Reinraum- und Mehrfachfertigungstechnologien
Konform mit ISO 15378 Konform mit ISO 15378

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Origin is an industry leader in the manufacture and supply of plastic pharmaceutical packaging, including HDPE bottles in a range of sizes, plus HDPE jars.

Our HDPE bottles are designed to safely store a range of medicines in transit and the home and are suited to oils and serums, powders, tablets and capsules and other healthcare products.

Choose from a range of HDPE bottles in multiple sizes to suit your products, or work with Origin’s team of expert designers and technologists to build a bespoke product. All Origin recycled plastic products are developed at our world-class global manufacturing facility. And our established supply chain makes Origin the cost-effective solution for wholesale orders.

Compliant HDPE bottles

HDPE is a strong and durable plastic, meaning our bottles effortlessly protect and preserve a range of products and withstand impact. Our HDPE bottles also offer a high-quality and luxury finish and feel.

Origin HDPE plastic bottles and containers are designed by technicians that understand the laws and requirements around pharmaceutical-grade HDPE packaging. So, all our HDPE bottles are certified to conform to MHRA, FDA, and cGMP requirements, as well as satisfying GDUFA standards required by HDPE bottles for pharmaceutical use.

Plus, our HDPE bottles are available in both plain white designs and amber-tinted finishes to provide added protection for light-sensitive products. And all our HDPE products are compatible with a range of accessories such as droppers and atomisers for effortless and accurate dispensing by patients and consumers.