Origin Pharma Packaging Recognised Nationally for Being SMART

The Finalists for the UK Luxury Packaging Awards 2017 were announced, last night via multiple packaging media channels, with Origin Pharma Packaging being recognised for Technical Achievement.

It was revealed last night that Origin Pharma Packaging 2017 innovation, SmartX had been shortlisted for the Luxury Packaging Awards. SmartX has been recognised for its technical excellence which will see the innovation line up again nine other strong contenders from a range of industries.

SmartX is a packaging innovation that was only launched four weeks ago and has been designed with the 2019 EU Packaging Directive in mind. All tablets cartons and wallets must be tamper-evident by 2019, and with two years to go, preparations across the globe are well under way.

SmartX is a child resistant, tamper evident, blister pack wallet which has been designed from one piece of card to minimise material wastage. This also supports companies who already have machinery and will allow for minimal change to the current packaging lines of organisations. As the design is simple, it doesn’t require substantial investments to change packaging lines to accommodate SmartX.

Jon Lant, Head of NPD & Innovation is thrilled to see the packaging innovation being shortlisted for such a leading awards ceremony, “What can I say, we are delighted to be recognised for the technical design. The fact we only launched a few weeks ago, it is unbelievable to be shortlisted. We have worked hard to ensure minimal disruption to packing lines, and SmartX delivers this in abundance!”

SmartX can be utilised for any application and can change its design to suit any tablet size that is required. Jon describes the design and how it has been created with minimal wastage, “The NPD team have invested a considerable amount of time into the design of SmartX. Other options are on the market but require significant line changes to accommodate the design. SmartX is sensitive to the complexity of packing lines and can be easily adapted – we are very pleased with the final product.”

The Luxury Packaging Awards takes place on Wednesday 13th, September where the leading packaging designers from around the UK come together to celebrate packaging innovations for various applications.







Rich Quelch, Head of Global Marketing


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