Dispositifs de fermeture PP28 à l'épreuve des enfants : couple de serrage pour bécher

  • Innovative PP28 Child Resistant Closure
  • Torque ready beaker in combination
  • Approved to ISO8317 and 16CFR1700.20
  • Pre-fitted beaker (erasing beaker install on your line)
  • Beakers do no come loose in transit
  • Bespoke dosing markers

This distinctive, patent-pending closure has been designed to remove a whole stage from your production process by means of an integrated measuring beaker that is ‘torque-ready’. Origin Pharma Packaging have taken a whole production process away from your busy filling lines and brought it into our own production facility, at out desiccated innovation centre.

The dosage beaker you see is supplied pre-fitted to the closure as part of our assembly process. The beaker and closure are designed to interface with each other in such a way as to allow the required application torque to be transmitted through the beaker to the closure beneath. This will require some modification to your capping chucks, however we are removing the secondary process of adding the beaker to the package after capping which eliminates the common issue of beakers becoming loose and reducing your efficiencies in manufacturing. The Origin Pharma Packaging engineering team will work with your team to ensure a smooth transition.


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The product also guarantees enhanced user experience and perceived value. The beaker itself is embossed on the inside walls and this measuring scale can be changed to include your specific dosage requirement.

We are continually redefining pharmaceutical packaging and with our dedicated NPD department, Origin Pharma Packaging can support you in developing the optimum packaging design for high performance of delivery.