Glass Medicine Bottle

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An essential and widely used tool in the pharmaceutical industry and across a range of healthcare environments, Origin provides the range of glass medicine bottles that you need. Our bottles are designed to meet all the essential regulations, including Drug Master Files of the US Food and Drug Administration and British Standard BS1679.

These high standard medicine containers are designed to ensure the security, safety, and integrity of their contents. As such, we have bottles made with UV filtering amber glass, a variety of different closures to ensure that they are sealed tight, and a range of sizes so that they are compatible with a host of medicines.

Aside from being designed to store medication, these glass medicine bottles can also be used for packaging and selling any manner of goods that require a safe, sealed environment, such as lotions, fragrances, oils, and much more.

Take a look at the variety of bottles on offer to see various shapes, sizes, and closure types, from screw caps to lotion pumps and more. We have several options with features such as child safety mechanisms and anti-tamper functions so that you can ensure you’re keeping the safety and security of both the product and the user in mind.

Origin has a drive and passion for supplying market leading pharmaceutical-grade glassware containers, and with a supporting investment programme into our strategic manufacturing sites; it allows Origin to push the boundaries of design and sustainability of pharmaceutical glassware. Our NPD team are dedicated to researching, understand and developing products and devices that assist in bringing efficiency, improving health and saving time. Our hybrid packaging partner model allows our core product ranges to be produced in audited facilities located within Europe.

The stockholding and forecast scheduling allows us to meet all of your needs, regardless of volume, so get in touch to learn more about how we can help you with our glass medicine bottles.

  • Compatible with Origin plastic syringes and other products
  • Available in varieties from 7ml to 2500ml
  • Bottles available in Amber, Blue, Clear, and Green
  • A variety of different shapes and closure types available
  • Wholly compliant with European and US standards on medicine containers.