L'emballage intelligent des médicaments

There is no denying that we are undergoing some form of a smart packaging revolution in the pharma packaging industry. As pioneers in digital packaging, Origin has been at the forefront of this development. We currently use smart packaging technology to ensure that there is increased visibility of medicinal products, from the point they are created until the point of application or use. There are many benefits that are associated with this, as discussed in further depth below.

Different types of smart packaging

It is important to recognise that the term ‘smart packaging’ is an umbrella term, and there are actually three different categories of this short of packaging that is embedded with electronic functionality. These are as follows:

  • Smart packaging – This refers to any type of packaging that has a function beyond protection and containment.
  • Intelligent packaging – This is a packaging system that gathers or transmits information or data about the product.
  • Active packaging – This relates to packaging that actively enhances the product or the potential use of it.

Here at Origin, we will create packaging to suit your specific requirements, whether you need something that ticks all of the three boxes mentioned above or not.

Enhanced quality and compliance

There is no denying that smart packaging enables businesses to enhance quality and to ensure that they are compliant. By having full visibility throughout the entire process, issues can be addressed so that they are quickly amended. Not only this, but smart packaging provides unique solutions in terms of capturing data safely and accurately, tackling the activities of counterfeiters, and addressing the problem of falsified medicine. Smart packaging equipment is designed to overcome the issue of data cloning. It replicates security coding held in the likes of holograms, digital tags, and conventional printed devices. This is why it has proven success with government agencies all over the globe. Utilising perennial encryption technology, smart printing from Origin is one of the most advanced anti-counterfeiting solutions across the world, giving all pharma businesses and organisations complete peace of mind.

The future of smart pharma packaging

The future of smart packaging as a whole looks bright. It is predicted that by 2021, the value of this global market will have incrased from $5.3 billion to £7.8 billion, gorwing at a CAGR of eight per cent. There are a number of trends that are shaping this industry and give an indication of what we can anticipate in the future when it comes to pharma packing. This includes improved adherence, as well as the fallout of Brexit, which could mean that smart packaging in the UK is governed by new legislation. Tackling counterfeiting is a major area of concern today. Counterfeit pharmaceuticals is the biggest fraud market in the world, currently worth more than $200 billion per annum. Smart packaging can assist with this.

There is no denying that the pharma packaging industry is developing at a rapid pace, which is why you need a provider that can keep up with this, or even better, sets the industry trends. It is interesting to see where we will end up in the next few years.