Hybrid Pharma
Packaging Partner

Revolutionising the Pharmaceutical Primary Packaging Supply Chain

We do things a little differently around here. Origin integrate into the full process of pharmaceutical primary packaging, which is true to our mission to Bringing Healing Home.

We have both the ‘knowhow’ and the ‘can do’.

We’ve merged the best of the manufacturing, design & Innovation, and supply chain networking and infrastructure, to provide the most widely adopted pharmaceutical supply chain solution – increasing speed to market, sales, and profits for our clients.

Hybrid Pharma Packaging Partner (HP3) is a change programme designed to accelerate the competitiveness of the pharmaceutical primary packaging industry. International competition, together with the challenges posed by international government legislation, necessitates rapid improvement in the effectiveness of the industry’s supply chain. HP3 achieves this by raising the performance of the packaging supply chain.


Global Locations

Increasing speed to market


Sales & Innovation Offices


Manufacturing Cells


Storage Facilities

HP3 Map

HP3 Interactive Map


We define flexibility as you’ve never seen it. Imagine having a team capable of creating any solution, to any problem, at any-time, anywhere across the globe for your pharmaceutical primary packaging project.

We have world-class innovators with unrivalled experience who delivers value beyond our customers’ and partners’ most demanding expectations.

We are neither just another pharmaceutical primary packaging company, nor just another pharmaceutical packaging supplier. We aren’t merely a pharmaceutical primary packaging manufacturer or designer. Whilst we excel in all these things, it is our capacity to combine all these skills, and opportunity to drive productivity and profitability for pharmaceutical companies around the globe, that sets us apart.

Hybrid Pharma Packaging Partner

Reduce Your Costs

HP3 drives efficiency, productivity, and encourages innovation, adapting itself to any business formation and size- in an industry that evolves every day.


With the experts at Origin developing new products, reducing costs and increasing efficiency in supply chain teams, we are your only supply partner that embraces all aspects of design, manufacture, and supply chain that is able to give you the best product on the market – whether it be from our extensive portfolio of existing products or one custom designed.

The HP3 model continues to innovate and drive the pharmaceutical industry in primary packaging and supply chain management. When our customers deliver custom compliant pharmaceutical primary packaging, streamline processes, productivity and lower costs, we know we’re doing it right!

What are the benefits of partnering with HP3?

HP3 encompasses a large range of benefits, key examples being:

  • Global choice, through exposure to multiple manufacturing capabilities
  • Leading edge project developments through a solution-based approach to challenges, not biased towards single site capabilities
  • Superior outcomes via the combination of multiple disciplines with limited stakeholders
  • Increased competitiveness through fast track developments
  • Increased efficiency in speed to market
  • Operational excellence and reduced TCO (total cost of ownership)
  • Reduced overheads through implementing business excellence and lean principles
  • Local availability via regional DC’s
  • Reduced risk through increased contingency options
  • Increased dominance and brand exposure through ‘core purpose’ oriented productivity
  • Strategic Production – we’re never far away!
  • Strategy relationships via supplier consolidation
  • Assurance of supply via quality qualified relationships

Design & Innovation

We have an expert design team, who can assist you in solving your primary packaging problems. From evaporation, to child resistant – we will create the design to improve, drive brand, and promote safety!

Strategic Manufacturing

HP3 is the most flexible primary packaging attribute in the marketplace. With strategic manufacturing cells across Europe and the U.S. We can increase your productivity and improve your speed to market.

Pharma Supply Chain Consolidation

Save time. Save on costs. Improve profitability. Whether it is the full product cycle, or assistance in improving your supply chain – we have the knowledge, infrastructure to assist in improving your bottom line.

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