Origin are experts in creative pharmaceutical packaging design, using the industry’s latest innovations, ideas, and techniques for package design for pharmaceutical products.

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Origin offer commercial custom packaging specifically designed for the pharmaceutical industry. Our product package design ideas explore the latest expert research and innovation of all types of designs for glass and polymer bottles, closures, and medicine dosage devices.

As package designers, Origin specialise in products and consultancy services to meet the needs of the global pharma and medical industry. All our products are created to fulfil pharmaceutical drug manufacturer’s standards, and also to help increase speed to market for commercialised drugs.

Pilot is Origin’s own Packaging Design Process: 55 years of knowledge and in-depth practical delivery of manufacturing techniques, integrated with our desire to improve primary packaging formations enables us to drive commercially viable innovations.

We have vast expertise and understanding of polymer types, materials, production techniques, combined with our HP3 model (enabling you to gain access to our manufacturing cells across Europe and the U.S), we can take your pharma packaging from concept to completion in record speeds.

How does Pilot work?

The Pilot Packaging Design process takes you on a comprehensive path to delivering pharmaceutical standard packaging:

  • Our development design studio start with create 3D visualisations, which show every detail needed to evaluate.
  • From there, we go into the 3D printing stage to allow for any amends, potential design changes, before any major investment in tooling takes place. It’s easy to make redesigns and thus reduce the risk and the cost of your packaging development.
  • Our design team will ensure when going to commercial that your specifically designed moulds are at optimum level to drive efficiency in the commercial production phase.

Other benefits

We work with our clients from across the globe to assist in growing their brands, by creating strong partnerships that allow team to fuse together. The companies we work with aspire to unlock the value of their brand and to create packaging that drives sustainability.

We specialise in reducing the cost from the design process, with our comprehensive in-house design and innovation system. We’re proud to be one of the most flexible pharma packaging device designers and manufacturers in the world. We are always continuing to expand our design and development expertise because we are regularly involved in innovative packaging projects, globally.

Our underlying excellence in child resistant design supports pharma companies enabling their packaging to become child resistant compliant. Our strong link with child safe packaging organisations allows us to develop market ready, child compliant packaging.

At Origin innovation is always happening and PILOT is providing an essential means of control. We would love to hear from you and would value an opportunity for one of the HP3 team to demonstrate our PILOT pharmaceutical product packaging design process with your latest innovation.

Design & Innovation

Here at Origin we have a dedicated NPD & innovation team who work with a range of license holders, pharmaceutical manufacturers, start-ups, and CMOs to support their pharmaceutical packaging formation. From 3D printing and modelling of design, to manufacturing through to delivering to their drug manufacturing site; our process is dramatically increasing speed to market, increasing sustainability, and saving costs.

Innovation, design and cutting costs are a huge facet of the pharmaceutical packaging process. The development stage of packaging is an integral part of lowering final production costs. Ultimately, packaging production must keep up with or even surpass drug development, in order for the drug itself to launch into commercial phrase without other ‘variables’ affecting it.

Origin Pharma Packaging have a packaging design process in place that not only guarantees certification, but also drives quality. The four stages that appear throughout the journey, which allow for high levels of cost-saving flexibility, are:

  • Discover
  • Define
  • Develop
  • Deliver
Pilot Flow Diagram

Assurance of supply | Quality/ Regularity | Service/ Delivery | Cost = Innovation

At our Pharmaceutical Packaging, Distribution & Innovation Centre we have a dedicated New Product Innovation team who have developed the P.I.I.L System: Product, Innovation, Intelligence. Learn System. We work stringently to adhere to pharmaceutical standard levels, through using our AQSCI model. This ensures and delivers trust to all our clients that engage with us on a new product development project.

We offer a dedicated production cell for your project, an agreed buffer stock at our manufacturing facilities and PPDIC (Pharma Packaging, Distribution and Innovation Centre), and supply chain management of raw material to ensure availability.

We are certified for manufacturing (ISO13485) and storage and distribution (ISO15378). We have full traceability of all raw materials to source, and only use EP grade materials with Class 8 clean room production.

We work with your preferences, MRP, and growth plans while offering flexibility with JIT Delivery or weeks prior to production dependant on client’s requirements.

Our Hybrid Packaging Partner business model allows us to be completely successfully for both cost and price. Through outreach across Europe of products and logistics, we can drive down cost for our clients.

In every area of operation we challenge what can be done differently. We can understand that innovation is critically important, but it cannot be at the expense of other fundamentals.

Evaluating and satisfying these criteria is essential and anyone can influence the final design in some way or other.

We believe no two projects are the same. Every project we undertake is assigned to a specific team at Origin who are experienced in taking an idea into a commercial reality; this ensures the design, process, cost, time and resources are relative and effective. We believe in our innovation process and we welcome you to prove the value of entrusting your brand or your concept to our established team


We drive accuracy and consistency in the packaging design process through our 3D printing department – no expensive mistakes in tooling and moulding investments.

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MockPack allows you to develop ideas, test, analyse feasibility and performance before moving to the next stage of design.

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