Child Resistant Pouches

Usage: Pharmaceutical, clinical trials and agricultural Custom Printed Range of sizes

The Origin child resistant Pouches with zippers have been designed for a number of applications, which allows manufacturers and users of the child proof ziplock bags to transports potential, harmful ingredients in a safe and compact pouch.

The pouches have features that make it very difficult for a child to open, as it requires two-handed dexterity, but simple for adults, making it ideal for the transportation of pharmaceutical products.

Manufactured from multi-layer material, provides sealed barrier properties against smell, oxygen, light and moisture, which allows the pouch to be used for different products, across a number of markets.

The closure is child resistant and almost impossible for children to open, it is designed to allow the pouch to be re-sealed and still maintain the integrity of the ingredients.


Ideal usage: CR postal / online medicines

Official certification for ASTM child-resistant packages.