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Market leading manufacturer of printed tablet folding cartons


Welcome to OriginPRINT – a 360° print service of UK quality tablet cartons (…and laminated/ embossed). We provide a fully comprehensive process, to deliver a-market-ready secondary packaging.


From upload to line-side, we encompass the total print process, managing it through to your material receipt procedure.

Leading technology delivers, market leading colour accuracy. This technology will empower your product to become a leading product in your market. We have worked on our internal processes to support the demand of our global clients – speed to market being key and and an express focus area.

We have implemented violet drying technology to allow us to die cut, fold or glue the carton immediately following the press stage.

Design Implementation & Sampling Service

Our Design Implementation takes the latest techniques in CAD plotting to ensure the most accurate results for your design and layout. Transferring digital information accurately is often problematic. However our internal system takes the information, assets and collateral from our dedicated system to the print plates – guaranteeing exceptional accuracy and quality for your brand or corporate design.

We create samples that are rigorously tested to ensure the true reflection of your design. We have unique procedures in place to reduce wastage Virtual Die-Cutting Management System.

Your Print Project

We have standard procedure to gain the, most accurate knowledge and specification for your print project. Please download the form below and populate with all the details you have in order for us to produce and accurate print ready file for your project.

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We look forward to working with you

Our dedicated print team will collaborate with you to create your desired carton design, enhance your brand and protect your primary packaging and medicine.