Prescription Pharmacy Bags

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Origin is a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of pharmacy bags to the healthcare industry. Our high-grade pharmacy carrier bags, paper bags and prescription bags offer a reliable option for carrying a range of medicinal products.

Each of our pharmacy bags provides a durable and grease resistant solution that is a protective and discreet option for transporting medicines.

Our pharmacy bags are produced at scale at our world class manufacturing facility, so scalability is never a challenge. And our established supply chain management solution offers a cost-effective option for bulk orders.

NHS prescription bags

Origin produces a range of NHS pharmacy bags, including paper prescription bags, recycled brown paper bags, dispensing bags and plastic carrier bags, available in a range of sizes and styles to suit a range of products.

Our pharmacy bags are available in plain finishes, white colour and branded NHS logo print options. Pharmacy bags with logos provide a recognisable and trustworthy finish for patients.

Browse our range of pharmacy bags and choose from a range of styles including plastic carrier bags with punched handles, hanging pharmacy bags and paper prescription bags in various designs with either pinch, flat or wedge bottom seams.

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