LDPE Pharmaceutical Bottles

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LDPE bottles for pharmaceuticals packaging. Origin is a pharma LDPE bottles UK manufacturer. We supply empty pharmaceutical LDPE bottles and plastic container suppliers to companies in the pharmaceuticals industry for packaging. Our Technicians that understand the factors and properties required by law for high quality pharmaceutical grade LDPE containers design.

A producer of LDPE packaging, each bottle, certified to conform to MHRA, FDA, and cGMP requirements and satisfy GDUFA standards required by LDPE bottles for pharmaceutical use. Benefit from doing business with a company whose production facilities (based in Western Europe and the U.S.A), fully audited. We are LDPE bottle manufacturers and a bulk supplier in the UK with a sales team focused on the global market.

(LDPE) Low Density Polyethylene properties: LDPE is a low density, flexible translucent plastic, commonly used for pharmacy bottles and container lids. Low Density Polyethylene: Principal characteristics include its opaque in appearance, very robust and flexible and it remains chemically stable at room temperatures. It comes in a natural colour that can be sensitive to direct sunlight so it is also commonly available in black options for increased durability.