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Origin is dedicated to the development of compliant and protective pharmaceutical packaging, including a range of tamper-proof plastic containers designed to keep patients and consumers safe by showing when a product has been compromised.

Our tamper-proof bottles and jars are designed to protect and preserve a range of healthcare and medical products including medicines such as tablets and capsules, as well as powders and liquids.

Origin’s team of expert designers and technologists are constantly innovating our pharmaceutical packaging to offer intuitive and effortless containers that don’t compromise on patient safety. And each of our products is developed in our world-class manufacturing facility with a dedicated cleanroom environment.

Compliant tamper-proof packaging

Each of our tamper-proof containers features an innovative tamper-evident snap-lock seal – that cannot be resealed – designed to keep products fresh and safe for consumption and show patients if the carton and contents have been compromised.

And despite our tamper-resistant containers being compliant with the latest and highest industry standards, they remain intuitive and effortless to use – making them senior-friendly for convenience in the home.

Our safe and compliant tamper-proof packaging is also available in a range of colour finishes including protective amber-tinted plastic. Browse our range of tamper-proof containers or work with Origin to create a bespoke product.

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