EPE Lined Polypropylene Closures

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The EPE lined closure gives a broad application base, with the EPE liner displaying chemical resistance good for acids, alkalis, solvents, alcohols, oils and aqueous products. Being pressure sensitive, the EPE liner provides a tight seal around the entire rim of the bottle - in both glass and plastic applications.

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Product Code Colour Surface Finish Neck Finish / Size (mm) Liner Type
324CEPEB-R Black Ribbed R3/24 EPE
333CEPE(B/W)SW Black/White Smooth Wall R3/33 EPE
338CEPE(B/W)SW Black/White Smooth Wall R3/38 EPE
343CEPE(B/W)SW Black/White Smooth Wall R3/43 EPE
345CEPEBSW1 Black Smooth Wall R3/45 EPE
348CEPE(B/W)SW Black/White Smooth Wall R3/48 EPE
351CEPE(B/W)SW Black/White Smooth Wall R3/51 EPE
353CEPE(B/W)SW Black/White Smooth Wall R3/53 EPE
358CEPE(B/W)SW Black/White Smooth Wall R3/58 EPE
363CEPE(B/W)SW Black Smooth Wall R3/63 EPE
366CEPEWSW White Smooth Wall R3/66 EPE
389CEPEWSW White Smooth Wall R3/89 EPE
3100CEPEWSW White Smooth Wall R3/100 EPE
631CEPEW White R6/31 EPE
631CEPEW1 White Ribbed R6/31 EPE
DIN51CEPEBSW Black Smooth Wall DIN51 EPE
DIN51CEPEWSW White Smooth Wall DIN51 EPE

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