Pasteur Pipettes, PE

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  • Ideal for safe and easy transfer of liquids and samples

  • Graduations on 1ml and 3ml - allows you to quickly and easily deliver measured volumes, in fractions of 0.25 to 1.0ml

  • Manufactured from non-toxic LDPE - a safe and convenient alternative to glass pipettes

  • Narrow stem pipette available - suitable for use as freeze vial when bulb heat sealed

  • Precise Control - all Pastettes are accurate to +/-10% of the stated specification allowing you to deliver Ál drops of know volumes

  • Sterile Options - combining the security of aseptic transfers with economy that suits your needs

  • Applications

  • Chemistry pH meter maintenance

  • Laboratory tests

  • Diagnostic test kits

  • Slide tests

  • Extracting samples

  • Adding reagents/chemicals

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Product Code Bulb Draw Description Graduation Increments Capacity
PP1BG 1ml Graduated Pipette 0.25ml 3ml
PP310G 3ml Graduated Pipette 0.5ml 7ml
711200 3ml Thin Stem Micro Pipette 0.5ml 7ml
PP10BG 10ml Jumbo Pipette 3ml 23ml

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