PET Ready to Use Vials

ready to fill vials
Ready-to-fill (RTF) vials are produced to stringent quality criteria and subsequently sterilised to eliminate the need for post-production preparatory processes such as washing, drying and sterilising that usually take place at the pharmaceutical manufacturing site immediately before the drug is filled.

These pre-treatment steps commonly performed at the filling site bring significant burden to drug makers who are under constant pressure to reduce costs and improve efficiency on their filling lines. RTF is becoming well recognised for delivering significant benefits and the concept is developing in many forms. Tubular glass products and syringes are now common and the introduction of plastic sterile RTF vials is an obvious progression.

In brief, these RTF vials are produced and packed in Europe using pharma compliant materials in a sterile, cleanroom environment. The products are then sterilised in their original packaging in order to retain their integrity and before being delivered directly to your production line. This brings the sterile production line as close as possible to your own sterile production line.
By adding Origin's supply chain management we are also able to deliver the ideal quantities you require with the relevant documentation specific to the batch. The cost savings and efficiency gains will be obvious.

RTF vials typically deliver;

Reduced inspection, testing and deviaitons
Reduced documentation and procedures
Removal of preparatory processes and equipment for cleaning
Reduced manufacturing space
Reduced stock holding and work-in-progress
Reduced MRP

We look forward to discussing how we can design our service to suit your specific application.

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PET Vial Bottle Specifications and Dimentions *Sterilization delivery available
Product Code Reference Description Material Volume Weight (grams) Body Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Thread Diameter (mm) Screw Type
Vialvet PET 50 ml 21050012067 Vial 50 ml Vialvet PET 50ml 14 g 43.1 mm 67.6 mm 20 mm ISO 20
Vialvet PET 100 ml 21100012067 Vial 100 ml Vialvet PET 100 ml 14 g 53.5 mm 82.8 mm 20 mm ISO 20
Vialvet PET 250 ml 21250012067 Vial 250 ml Vialvet PET 250 ml 27.5 g 67 mm 123 mm 32 mm ISO 32
Vialvet PET 500 ml 21500012067 Vial 500 ml Vialvet PET 500 ml 44 g 79.3 mm 159.7 mm 32 mm ISO 32

Data on this page is not calibrated to our ISO certificated quality control system. Sizes and dimensions are indicative and samples and specifications should be requested to determine accuracy.

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