PET Sirop Bottles

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  • Clean Room manufactured in accordance with ISO 8 protocols

  • 10 sizes in clear PET range

  • Available in Clear, Amber and White PET

  • Optionally Irradiated

  • White HDPE manufactured in the following sizes; 30ml, 60ml, 120ml, 250ml, 500ml. Availabilty depends on
    order requirements - please discuss based on your project details

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Product Code - Amber Volume Height (mm) Diameter (mm) Weight (Grams) Neck size (mm) Option
MR0180015APET 15ml 67 22.2 6 PP18 Irradiation
MR0180030APET 30ml 75 29 6 PP18 Irradiation
MR0280050APET 50ml PP28 Irradiation
MR0280060APET 60ml 96 38 11.5 PP28 Irradiation
MR0280100APET 100ml 106 44.2 17.5 PP28 Irradiation
MR0280125APET 125ml 115 48 17.5 PP28 Irradiation
MR0280150APET 150ml 126 49 17.5 PP28 Irradiation
MR0280200APET 200ml 145 52 24 PP28 Irradiation
MR0280250APET 250ml 148 58 24 PP28 Irradiation
MR0280300APET 300ml 148 60 28 PP28 Irradiation
MR0280500APET 500ml 178 70 35 PP28 Irradiation

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