PP28 Child Resistant Closures

PP28 Child Resistant Closures

Child Resistant Closure, Reduced Polymer (new innovation) Designed and Manufactured by Origin

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  • Child Resistant Design

  • Bulk Packing

  • Increasing Sustainability (reduction in polymer)

  • Cleanroom Production

  • Approved to ISO8317 and 16CFR1700.20

  • Lightweight

  • Bespoke Measuring Beaker

  • Branding & interchangeable tool set

  • Accepts all types of required liner

  • Closure Neck Finish: PP28

The new PP28 child resistant closure has been designed, engineered and strategically optimised to become the lightest of their kind. These CRC Closures boast the lowest possible polymer content whilst retaining a robust and effective first line of defence against child access.

A closure that drives sustainability - depending on your particular specification we can reduce your current waste obligation by up to 50% using bulk production methods.

The child resistant closure can be produced in either food grade or European and US pharmacopeia polymers and can be manufactured in clean room environments to meet your specific production protocol. The closure has unrivalled scope for brand promotion which is essential in today's competitive market. It can be produced in virtually any colour at relatively small production quantities and the crown of the closure is also customisable by means of an interchangeable tool insert, providing an embossed design of your choice.

A range of clip-in liners and attachments are also available for this new device and over-printing of the embossing is optional.

Approved to ISO8317 and 16CFR1700.20 this product presents a refreshing solution to child safe compliance wherever you are in the world. We've considered the supply chain too; the device can be supplied in engineered packaging designed to reduce waste.

We are continually redefining our closures with our dedicated NPD department, Origin can support you in developing the optimum designs for high performance of delivery.

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Branding & Interchangeable Tool Set

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Bespoke Measuring Beaker

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