Medicine Bottle Syringe Adapter

Medicine bottle syringe adapter, Sealsafe® bottle adapter for syringes. Use this press in bottle adapter for dispensing oral medication with syringes. Sealsafe's® self-sealing bottle cap syringe insert allows you to accurately dispense liquid medicines.

The SealSafe® medicine bottle adapter plug is for drawing liquid medicine and fits perfectly with Origin syringes, (accurate within 0.5% of the marked measure on the syringe allowing you draw exactly amount of medicine without spilling any).

Syringe dose marks are not damaged by the syringe entering the bottle, so easy-to-read clarity is kept.

SealSafe® self-sealing dosing adapters flexible sealing rings fit most bottles with 28mm standard neck size, and allows the original C/R cap to fit over the SealSafe® closure.

SealSafe® oral syringe bottle adapter is 'opened' by a syringe tip and reseals instantly when removed.

SealSafe® syringe adapter for bottles are particularly invaluable when the medicine is for symptoms, which reduce cognitive ability or impair coordination but the patient requires immediate self-medication.

The SealSafe® bottle adapter cap, allows the syringe insert to provides a consistent level to draw the medication from, as it is always taken with the bottle upturned - so no time is lost when drawing a dose by trying to find the level in the bottle when using this oral syringe adapter.

With the dose being drawn while the bottle is inverted, waste is prevented when using this plastic bottle adapter, ensuring you always getting the last drop of medication.

Using the SealSafe® adapter means product potency is maintained as evaporation is reduced, wastage is avoided by no spills, and potential for contamination is limited with the adapter remaining in the neck from the first dose.

Even when the child resistant closure is removed, this medicine bottle syringe adapter acts as a medicine bottle stopper for syringes and limits accidental access by children.

Sealsafe® Bottle Adapter

SealSafe® self-sealing bottle cap syringe insert features:

  • Recloses with no leakage of liquid medicine,

  • Product retrieval is maximized,

  • Provides full use of the accuracy of a dosing syringe,

  • Dispense quickly with confidence,

  • Prevent accidental leakage after CR cap is removed,

  • Ideal oral syringe dispenser for medicine bottles.

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SSOSA28 28

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