Best Materials for Rigid Packaging

Packaging can be defined as the art and technology of enclosing and protecting products for storage, distribution, sale and use. Pharmaceutical packaging can be defined as the economical means of providing presentation, protection, convenience, compliance, integrity, and stability of the product. The packaging functions in many ways, from identification of the product to keeping the product safe. Safe and sterile medical packaging is absolutely essential for the  healthcare of patients everywhere. 

Rigid packaging is an option that has many benefits and uses in the pharmaceutical world. A range of rigid blow-moulded bottles and jars, for example, ensures the safe delivery and handling of pharmaceuticals every time. 

More About Rigid Packaging For Pharma

CBF (Compression Blow Forming) is a combination of compression molding and blow-molding. Packaging created like this is referred to as rigid packaging, and there are numerous benefits to using it in the pharmaceutical industry. 

It is sustainable, with the lowest power consumption in the industry, a lower scrap rate during production, and less material wastage during color change. Many associate plastic with being unsustainable, but rigid packaging is becoming more economically viable every day. 

The bottle quality is also superior, as variability is reduced and tolerances and statistical capability are improved. The repetitive manufacturing process delivers superior consistency, and there’s no welding lines, and zero resin scrap is produced during production. The sustainability is ensured with a lower melt temperature. 

Many types of rigid packaging offer superior performance against stress cracking & improved product appearance. They are high quality, and only tough polymers are used to carry out the job of creating the packaging. This means that there’s almost no chance at all that whatever is inside the packaging will become lost or damaged. 

You can find more about rigid packaging and the benefits/uses below. 


One of the biggest benefits of using rigid packaging is the protection that it offers. Rigid packaging can ensure that your product is delivered exactly as it was intended to be. It is resistant to the elements, and keeps outside debris and germs away from the product, so there’s no need to fret about it getting damaged. These containers are extremely durable and will protect whatever is inside whatever the circumstances. 

A Variety Of Substrates To Choose From 

No matter your packaging needs there’s a substrate to suit them. Rigid packaging can be made from durable and lightweight PET plastics to heavy-duty HDPE. More options include:

  • PC
  • PETG
  • PP
  • LDPE 

Volumes range from 30 mL to 50 L. If you’re unsure of the material that you require, a good manufacturer will help you to determine the material you need, along with the one that best suits your budget. The choice of packaging material will depend on the following:

  • The degree of protection that is required
  • Compatibility with the dosage form
  • Customer convenience such as size, weight of dosage form, etc 
  • Filling method
  • Sterilization method to be employed
  • Cost 

A Variety Of Shapes 

Rigid thermoformed plastic can be molded into a number of unique shapes thanks to custom thermoforming molds. Rigid plastic can even be formed into more uncommon shapes. However, using rigid packaging for pharma means rigid bottle and jar shapes. These shapes are easily achieved with any substrate. 

Increased Recycling Capabilities

Rigid plastic and other rigid packaging options are being accepted far more often for recycling purposes. This is far better for the environment as much less waste is created. 

Regulatory Documentation

Extensive regulatory documentation assures that the products meet your demanding biotechnology requirements and reduces the time and cost to implement them in your process. 

Choose The Appropriate Product Quality for Your Application

The Thermo Scientific Nalgene multi-tiered storage portfolio enables you to choose the appropriate product quality for your application. Low particulates: USP <788> compliance reduces the chance of contamination; and this decreases the potential loss of high value contents.

Improved Packaging

Triple layer packaging facilitates ease of entry into clean room environments. The packaging is sterile and ready-to-use, so the contents are kept safe at all times. 

Save On Resources

Using rigid packaging saves resources by reducing the need for validation, washing, packaging, and sterilization. It is easy to use and can be put to use immediately, no need to sterilize or take any extra steps to make the packaging suitable. 

Rigid packaging is a great choice for all the benefits it offers consumers, especially pharmaceutical companies – its versatility and its ever-advancing recycling possibilities make it a budget friendly, economically sound choice.