Patient Safety in Pharma

At Origin, we understand the need to manufacture and supply products that are effective and safe. To ensure that is the case, we have a thorough process that we implement into our business strategy for the health and wellbeing of our customers. Our life is medicine, and we strive to help people as best as we can by focussing on patient safety.

How Do We Do It?

We have a thorough process which involves communicating with regulatory bodies and keeping up to date with the latest safety trends. During and after our process, we collect and collate data relating to the experience and wellbeing of our customers and clients. If anything does go wrong, we want to know about it as soon as possible so that we can make sure that there are zero risks in the future. After all, the benefits of medicine should always shine through.

As well as maintaining high standards, we also focus on clinical trials, dosages and counterfeit drugs. To us, they are the three most important factors regarding the pharmaceutical industry and require stringent testing to ensure our patient’s health is safeguarded.

Clinical Trials

Before a drug goes to market, it has to prove that it’s fit for human consumption. The way other pharma companies and we do this is by conducting clinical trials. By monitoring different groups’ progress over six weeks to three months, we can analyze the data and publish our findings.

Of course, there is always an element of danger, and we look to minimize it as best as possible. By working with the FDA & MHRA, we are sure that our products hit the necessary guidelines. Still, what does it involve? Well, there is pre-testing, which is the data compiled before the human testing phase. We pore over every aspect of how the drug worked in animals to look for patterns and anomalies. And, we outline our plan in line with the FDA & MHRA regulations regarding the definition of objectives and goals and how they are applicable to patients.

Once the trials are well-designed, our dedicated team of researchers analyzes the patients to ensure the entire process is controlled.


Our customer care doesn’t end once our products hit the market.  We understand patient safety is paramount, which is why our packaging is up to date and packed with detail. On Origin products, patients can find information relating to everything from the strength of the medication to the daily dosage. 

To ensure the information is correct, we place a high level of emphasis on communication. As well as call centers for patients and customers, we also have compliance programmes where we reach out to see how people are managing with their medication. All these are in line with the guidelines set out by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.

Children are also a priority because they are inquisitive. Parents can’t afford for them to play with powerful pharmaceuticals, which is why Origin uses tamper-safe bottles and blister packaging. Even if children gain access to our products, they will find them almost impossible to open.

At Origin, our packaging is as advanced as it is simple. As well as the latest safety techniques, you will benefit from clear and concise instructions. We use a large font, space liberally, and differentiate between confusing terms.

Counterfeit Drugs

There is a world epidemic regarding counterfeit drugs, and we want to make a difference. That’s another reason we believe in investing in packaging trends where our competitors don’t. You know with our products that you get the Origin seal of approval and that you can trust our medicines.

If you feel as if something isn’t right, the detailed instructions on the packaging will always shed some light on the situation. Medicines that don’t do as instructed may not be real. All of our patients are encouraged to communicate with us so that we can inform them how to proceed if they think there is an issue.

Our patient safety monitoring processes start early and don’t end for this very reason. We want our patients to feel as safe as possible, so our dedicated team is always on the lookout for side-effects. That way, we can help combat the epidemic that is counterfeit drugs.


Patient safety is important to us, which is why we ensure products go through the most rigorous of testing before they are ready for public consumption. We follow FDA & MHRA regulations to the letter, while conversing with them regularly, and have various points of contact for our patients.