Origin and the Environment: Our Position

Our goal is to minimise the impact of company activities and those of our customers on the environment.

With over 60 years of expertise, Origin caters to the unique demands of the healthcare and lifestyle industries. Our breadth of services spans from design and product development to regulatory compliance, testing, production and managed supply.

This means we face sustainability challenges at each turn, in the research, development, optimisation, design and manufacturing of new products, and
along their global supply chain journeys to reach the end user. We strongly believe our work is never ‘done’ – whether in our existing products and processes or future developments.

We are committed to driving innovation in packaging design and managed supply that reduces environmental impact without compromising on product quality or integrity.

We will continue to take a holistic approach to sustainability, firm in our belief that a considered policy – focusing on designing eco-friendly
principles into our processes and prioritising long-term sustainability over short-term wins – will reap the greatest rewards for our people, customers and the environment. We are committed to doing the right thing – not appearing to do the right thing.

Our booklet, Origin and the Environment: Our Position, gives more details on how we are working to ensure sustainability is key to primary packaging for the future. Click below to download it.

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