Origin design, manufacture, and deliver innovative healthcare packaging solutions

With our proven pharma packaging design and supply chain model, Origin can ensure you become a leader in your industry while cutting costs and saving time.


Origin Pharma Packaging are leaders in innovation and design, global manufacturing, and consolidation of your packaging supply chain. We work with international pharmaceutical companies and healthcare agencies to create new solutions, reduce costs, and increase speed to market.

55 years in operation

55 years in operation

International Delivery and Distribution Network

International Delivery and Distribution Network

Cleanroom & Multiple Manufacturing Techniques

Cleanroom & Multiple Manufacturing Techniques

ISO 15378 compliant

ISO 15378 compliant

DiD: Design & Development agency

From concept development to completed commercial-ready product, our customer-led packaging & device product programme allows you to develop unique packaging and devices. Everything we design is compliant, high quality, and bespoke.

Strategic Manufacturing

Our unique manufacturing model allows us to place tooling in strategic geographic locations; utilising a range of production techniques, reducing our carbon footprint, and increasing speed to market.


We drive innovation and excellence in child resistant design. We have a market-leading passion for protecting children in the domestic environment.

Sterile Filling Facility

A dedicated aseptic filling facility to support new sterile manufacturing projects.

A dedicated space for a range of sterile-filled assignments for commercial supply.


We have a dedicated NPD department who are continually researching and developing new pharmaceutical packaging designs and healthcare devices.

Find out more in our intelligent packaging in our innovation zone. If you need support with a project, talk to the NPD team today.

Latest News

14 June 2021 by Origin

The Future of Medicinal Cannabis

There is no denying that one industry that has experienced exponential growth in recent times is the medicinal cannabis market. IMARC Group has predicted that the market will grow 15.3 per cent during 2021 – 2026. With that being said, let’s take a look at the medicinal cannabis market and what we can expect in...

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12 May 2021 by Origin

Future Proofing Your Supply Chain

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted many vulnerabilities in supply chains across different industries. The pharmaceutical industry was one of the key industries impacted, making it clear that action is needed to meet future challenges and cope with changing global supply chain requirements. Adopting an agile process in the supply chain can help meet varying demands, mitigating...

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9 April 2021 by Origin

The Future of Remote Patient Monitoring

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced the medical industry to adapt significantly. While everybody has witnessed the uptake of remote operation, from remote workers to standard GP appointments, Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) has firmly come into its own. But how is the medical industry using Remote Patient Monitoring to change the healthcare industry, perhaps forever?...

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17 March 2021 by Origin

Origin announces significant expansion to warehouse and logistics facilities

Origin Pharma Packaging has opened a new warehouse facility in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, expanding on its logistics and storage site in Melton, East Riding of Yorkshire. In addition to Origin’s logistics warehouse in Melton (25,000 sq. ft), the new facility in Scunthorpe boasts 86,000 sq. ft, set within a 5.9-acre site. It houses 4,900 fully...

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5 March 2021 by Origin

The New UK Life Sciences and Diagnostic Industries

Two new emerging industries in the UK in light of the pandemic are already showing promise with aseptic filling. This guide delves into the details of these sectors and how they have been impacted by COVID-19.  In light of the pandemic, there have been two new industries emerging in the scientific communities, standing out above...

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