Origin design, manufacture, and deliver innovative healthcare packaging solutions

With our proven pharma packaging design and supply chain model, Origin can ensure you become a leader in your industry while cutting costs and saving time.


Origin Pharma Packaging are leaders in innovation and design, global manufacturing, and consolidation of your packaging supply chain. We work with international pharmaceutical companies and healthcare agencies to create new solutions, reduce costs, and increase speed to market.

Product Design and Development

From concept development to completed commercial-ready product, our customer-led packaging & device product programme allows you to develop unique packaging and devices. Everything we design is compliant, high quality, and bespoke.

Strategic Manufacturing

Our unique manufacturing model allows us to place tooling in strategic geographic locations; utilising a range of production techniques, reducing our carbon footprint, and increasing speed to market.


We drive innovation and excellence in child resistant design. We have a market-leading passion for protecting children in the domestic environment.


Our patented technology provides powerful and intuitive tools. We can connect data with patients and track products globally for pharma and healthcare customers.


We have a dedicated NPD department who are continually researching and developing new pharmaceutical packaging designs and healthcare devices.

Find out more in our intelligent packaging in our innovation zone. If you need support with a project, talk to the NPD team today.

Latest News

19 July 2019 by Origin

The role of pre-filled syringes in delivering the personalised drug revolution

The future of medicine is personalised, based on treating individuals for their risk factors and replacing the traditional universal medicine approach. A leading tool in the delivery of personalised medicine is pre-filled syringes, with over 10.2 million units expected to be sold worldwide by 2026. Pre-filled syringes are revolutionising the way medicine is controlled, delivered...

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12 June 2019 by Origin

Top 10 Pipeline Drugs To Watch in 2019

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14 May 2019 by Origin

The Drug Development Process

When a new drug hits the development stage it can go through a lengthy and complex process before it is seen by the public or distributed to pharmacies. In reality, only two tested innovations out of 10,000 actually become fully licensed treatments. All in all, it can take an average of ten to fifteen years...

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9 April 2019 by Origin

WHO is W.H.O.?

Sunday, April 7th is World Health Day, an annual campaign built to increase global awareness of universal health coverage with a particular focus on what services should be available. The event Is organized by the World Health Organization, and signals a major date in their calendar. But exactly who is WHO, and what are their...

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21 February 2019 by Origin

The Impacts of Brexit on the UK Pharma Industry

Origin Pharma Contributed an article to EPM Magazine – full story below   Like every industry, the pharma sector is poised on the edge of its seat in anticipation of a final agreement on Brexit. The UK will officially leave the European Union on March 29th (if all goes to plan) and the terms of the...

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