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Providing Superior Quality in Pharmaceutical Packaging Products

Origin is a supplier of pharmaceutical packaging; services include a division for pharmaceuticals packaged in blister packs, pouches, cartons and business solutions.

We provide you with the highest quality medical device and pharmaceutical packaging components.

Our main operations involve developing scientific and technological solutions for protecting and enclosing pharmaceutical preparations.

Offerings include blister packaging, individual dose packages and the forming of thermoform resins used for bottles, vials, and ampules.

Unit dose packaging for medications, drug delivery, packaging tablets, pouches, liquids and enclosing powders, we have the medical and pharmaceutical packaging applications.

We possess the medical packaging design knowledge regarding your regulatory requirements, and the technologies to guarantee that your pharmaceutical packaging materials, compatibility and structural integrity meet the required specifications.

The advantages of Origin's sealable unit dosing, foils, sleeving laminations used include; sterility, enclosure from light, moisture, chemical leakage, heat, oxygen and microbial contamination.

Origin Pharmaceuticals co., sustainable healthcare packaging and cosmetic and personal care packaging, our methods ensure your products are manufactured to comply with strict global conformity standards.

Pharmaceutical Packaging | Origin Medical Packaging

Excellence in Child Resistant Packaging

Based out of our Global Innovation Centre within the UK. A huge passion drives the organisation to rid the industry of counterfeit packaging and eradicate child ingestions globally.

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Supply chain

Pharmaceutical Packaging | Origin Medical Packaging

Revolutionising the pharmaceutical packaging supply chain by increasing speed to market that is maximizing profits and driving sustainability for our clients throughout the globe.

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Technological Innovation

The PILOT process allows you to define your ideas (via our 3D printing service) before going to pilot or moulding and tooling.

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Medical Packaging Profession

Pilot allows you to turn your concept in to reality. Our dedicated NPD team are trained to deliver accurate, QA and GMP industry packaging standard products.

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Feature 3d Modelling


MockPack allows you to develop ideas, test, analyse feasibility and performance before moving to the next stage of design.

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We drive accuracy and consistency in the packaging design process through our 3D printing department – no expensive mistakes in tooling and moulding investments.

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Custom Medical Packaging Solutions

Anti-counterfeiting, serialisation, tamper-evidence, we continue to make many packaging breakthroughs, consult with us to increase your speed to market and improve the usability of medical packaging products for the end user.

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EU Directive

February 9, 2019: EU FALSIFIED MEDICINE DIRECTIVE for pharmaceuticals will go live:

'EU Directive' for Pharmaceutical Packaging: Let us help you get it right.

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Hybrid Pharma Packaging Partner (HP3) is a change programme focused on accelerating our competitiveness in the development of our business by raising the performance of our supply chains.

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We have the medical packaging expertise to guide you in your next NPD project. From adapting current medical devices to creating a brand new closure to eradicate evaporation, our packaging research experts can assist.

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Quality Assurance / Accreditations

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