Origin design, manufacture, and deliver innovative healthcare packaging solutions

With our proven pharma packaging design and supply chain model, Origin can ensure you become a leader in your industry while cutting costs and saving time.


Origin Pharma Packaging are leaders in innovation and design, global manufacturing, and consolidation of your packaging supply chain. We work with international pharmaceutical companies and healthcare agencies to create new solutions, reduce costs, and increase speed to market.

Product Design and Development

From concept development to completed commercial-ready product, our customer-led packaging & device product programme allows you to develop unique packaging and devices. Everything we design is compliant, high quality, and bespoke.

Strategic Manufacturing

Our unique manufacturing model allows us to place tooling in strategic geographic locations; utilising a range of production techniques, reducing our carbon footprint, and increasing speed to market.


We drive innovation and excellence in child resistant design. We have a market-leading passion for protecting children in the domestic environment.

Medicinal Cannabis

We are leaders in medicinal cannabis packaging. Taking our in depth knowledge of child resistant design and combining it with our cleanroom manufacturing facilities, we can support your next project


We have a dedicated NPD department who are continually researching and developing new pharmaceutical packaging designs and healthcare devices.

Find out more in our intelligent packaging in our innovation zone. If you need support with a project, talk to the NPD team today.

Latest News

20 March 2020 by Origin

Corina Virus – We are here to support you and your company

Origin continues to closely monitor the coronavirus (COVID-19) to ensure the safety of our employees and to support our customers and our communities. We are freshly inspired by our purpose to ‘bring healing home’ and improve consumer outcomes. We have taken steps to ensure the safety of our employees and the stability and agility of...

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20 January 2020 by Origin

Origin Pharma Packaging Launch New Child Resistant Jar

Origin Pharma Packaging has launched a piece of packaging dedicated to the medicinal cannabis industry The newly designed child-resistant jar is created to support the ‘flower# product which is often prescribed in certain European countries as ‘buds’. These products/ medicines have to be packaged up safely as they will be entering a domestic environment where...

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14 January 2020 by Origin

What is Smart Packaging?

Smart Packaging links the physical world with the digital world: Smart packaging forms a perfect “digital bridge function” between manufacturers, retailers, consumers and social media channels. What is still often used to protect, and label goods today will increasingly receive new functions in the future thanks to digital technologies. Packaging becomes more individual, personal and communicative....

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11 November 2019 by Origin

Medicinal cannabis – pharma’s budding opportunity?

Medicinal cannabis is currently a huge talking point within health circles and in the media, yet, it remains on the fringes of big pharma. There are few subjects that stir up greater debate than medicinal cannabis. Is it safe? Should it be legal? Has its effectiveness been proven? What conditions is it useful for? Is...

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14 October 2019 by Origin

Origin Pharma Packaging Named in Pharma Field’s Power List 2019

Origin Pharma Packaging named in Pharmafield’s 2019 Power List within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Origin Pharma Packaging has been highlighted as a ‘changemaker’ and is recognised for their work in child-resistant packaging. A very proud achievement for the team, as we have dedicated a lot of time and investment to this specific area of...

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