Origin design, manufacture, and deliver innovative healthcare packaging solutions

With our proven pharma packaging design and supply chain model, Origin can ensure you become a leader in your industry while cutting costs and saving time.


Origin Pharma Packaging are leaders in innovation and design, global manufacturing, and consolidation of your packaging supply chain. We work with international pharmaceutical companies and healthcare agencies to create new solutions, reduce costs, and increase speed to market.

55 years in operation

55 years in operation

International Delivery and Distribution Network

International Delivery and Distribution Network

Cleanroom & Multiple Manufacturing Techniques

Cleanroom & Multiple Manufacturing Techniques

ISO 15378 compliant

ISO 15378 compliant

Product Design and Development

From concept development to completed commercial-ready product, our customer-led packaging & device product programme allows you to develop unique packaging and devices. Everything we design is compliant, high quality, and bespoke.

Strategic Manufacturing

Our unique manufacturing model allows us to place tooling in strategic geographic locations; utilising a range of production techniques, reducing our carbon footprint, and increasing speed to market.


We drive innovation and excellence in child resistant design. We have a market-leading passion for protecting children in the domestic environment.

Sterile Filling Facility

A dedicated aseptic filling facility to support new sterile manufacturing projects.

A dedicated space for a range of sterile-filled assignments for commercial supply.


We have a dedicated NPD department who are continually researching and developing new pharmaceutical packaging designs and healthcare devices.

Find out more in our intelligent packaging in our innovation zone. If you need support with a project, talk to the NPD team today.

Latest News

13 November 2020 by Origin

Exceptional Cleanroom Facilities for Pharmaceutical Packaging

The team here at Origin Pharma Packaging is delighted to announce the recent addition of our dedicated cleanroom environment. This state-of-the-art facility enables us to take our packaging solutions to a whole new level, including the aseptic filling and sterile packaging of pharmaceutical and healthcare products ready for the consumer. Built to rigorous standards The...

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2 September 2020 by Origin

Origin secures FDA licence to export registered medical products to the US

Origin, has secured a licence to export registered medical products to the U.S from the U.S Food and Drug Administration. The Certificate of Drug Establishment Registration has been issued by Registrar Corp for alcohol-based antibacterial hand sanitiser gel. Origin has secured an initial co-order of 15 million units which will be filled and packaged at...

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22 July 2020 by Origin

The Drug Development Process

The Coronavirus crisis has affected almost every country on the planet, and there has never been more interest in the processes of developing drugs and vaccines. As case numbers continue to rise, and teams of dedicated scientists work around the clock to develop new treatments and create a vaccine, it’s fascinating to take a closer...

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28 May 2020 by Sarah Williamson

Leveraging AI in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a game-changing technology for all industries, not just pharmaceuticals. Over the past few years, we’ve already seen how AI can benefit the healthcare sector. It’s redefining how scientists develop new drugs and find cures, how doctors diagnose, treat and make sense of clinical data, and how drug adherence is managed. However,...

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22 April 2020 by Origin

How great a threat is climate change to human health, and why?

Climate change is perhaps the most complex issue facing modern society, affecting every aspect of human life, including health. There will be beneficial health impacts from milder winters which could help to reduce the winter-time peak in deaths. Hotter than average summers could also help to limit disease-transmitting mosquito populations, for example. However, scientists agree...

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