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Choosing the best tamper-evident packaging

blister packaging

What is tamper-evident packaging?   Tamper evident packaging is a form of packaging, which is designed to protect products and provide additional security for users. Tamper-evident (TE) packaging is used in many industries, and it offers a wide range of benefits for organisations and their customers. In some sectors, for example, pharmaceuticals, companies must adhere…

Origin study reveals reach of unverified online pharmacies

The pharmaceutical e-commerce space has been developing and maturing for years, but it experienced massive pandemic-induced growth. And the e-pharmacy market is expected to be worth USD 136,160.27 million by 2026. Its significant growth owes to a rise in the number of government initiatives supporting the adoption of online purchase of medicines during the pandemic…

What is cleanroom manufacturing?

Cleanroom manufacturing for packaging is a process that ensures products are packed in a controlled environment. This means that pollutants and contamination such as microbes, dust, and other particles are kept out of the packaging process, which is an essential part of ensuring products in the pharmaceutical sector are safe.     The problem of…

UK Plastic Packaging Tax, April 2022

Beginning 1st April 2022, The UK Government and HMRC are introducing The Plastic Packaging Tax which will apply a £200 per tonne tax on all liable plastic packaging components manufactured or imported into the UK. There are some exceptions to the tax such as where a minimum of 30% of product weight is made up…

Origin Shortlisted For Life Sciences Award

Origin Pharma Packaging was recently announced by BioNow as a Finalist for the awards: Bionow Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic Award Sponsored by SRG The other finalists that have been shortlisted are the following: Alderley Park Lighthouse Laboratory, Alderley Park Lighthouse Laboratory Aptamer Group, Optimer®-enabled Microtox®PD Wastewater Monitoring for COVID-19 Origin Healthcare Services, Aseptic Filling…

2022 Pharmaceutical Packaging Trends

According to Forbes, the packaging of pharmaceutical products is the biggest obstacle to accessing advanced vaccines and therapies by patients who need them most. While the pharmaceutical industry is innovating and inventing new drugs, the drugs may not get to the user in perfect condition. But thankfully, recent trends in the industry are about to…

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