Unparalleled Supply
Chain Management

Origin has a long history of innovation, which has enabled our teams to develop practical solutions to a wide range of problems.

The company was originally created to correct the poor methods and practices within the pharmaceutical primary packaging supply chain. Since then, we’ve never stopped helping clients across the globe to remain agile and protected against disruption.

Recent years have seen disorganisation on a serious level, pandemics and border issues, which have all caused the global supply chain to falter and in some instances almost collapse. This inconsistency and unreliability necessitated a fresh approach to how pharmaceutical and healthcare products are transported from A to B, which is why we’ve invested significant amounts of time, research, capital and attention to detail into multiple systems and facilities to create what we call Supply Chain Management 3.0.


View our dedicated Supply Chain Management 3.0 video below to get an insight into how we have created one of the most innovative, robust and reliable pharmaceutical packaging supply chains.

What is Supply Chain
Management 3.0?

Through in-depth analysis of the constraints and barriers within the existing global supply chain, we were able to pinpoint where errors and delays occur and identify ways to comprehensively rectify the system. The result is Supply Chain Management 3.0, which is a supply chain model that remains transparent, dependable and ready for anything.

Supply Chain Management 3.0

Supply Chain Management 3.0 brings complete peace of mind to our valued clients, as infallible systems are in place to ensure uninterrupted service delivery. This has involved numerous improvements and additional resources, including the following strategic upgrades:


State-of-the-art I.T systems

  • Thousands of pounds invested into SAP B1 IT systems and management software to drive accuracy and efficiencies.

Accredited Storage

  • The strengthening and expansion of our storage spaces in the form of an additional 60,000sq ft of ISO 15378 accredited facilities to drive continuous supply.

Cleanroom Manufacturing

  • Dedicated clean room manufacturing environments have been designed, developed and built from scratch to ensure ultimate levels of aseptic filling and packaging manufacturing.

Expert Tooling Team

  • Growth in Europe in the form of new tooling and manufacturing cells in strategic locations across the continent.

Supply Chain Analysts

  • Expansion and enhancement of our in-house supply chain management team, which includes strategic buyers, logistics managers, supply chain analysts, relationship management and dedicated staff.

Driving Efficiencies

  • A futureproof management system that guarantees we can respond swiftly and accordingly to any future political, economic and/or societal implications, allowing us to comfortably absorb the associated costs.

What this means to your business

Thanks to outstanding knowledge, experience and infrastructure, our Supply Chain Management 3.0 service brings a variety of unique benefits:

Paperwork / Documentation / Management


Packaging (Choice)

Delivery / Transportation / Logistics / Management

Paperwork / Documentation / Management


Packaging (Choice)

Delivery / Transportation / Logistics / Management

Design / Innovation / Development

Filling (Aseptic)


  • We have the capability to manage the entirety of the packaging supply chain process, including design, innovation, development, manufacture, filling, packaging, storage, and delivery to anywhere in the world.
  • By providing this extensive infrastructure and our Just In Time delivery strategy, your business no longer needs to find the space for excess stock.
  • Our role is to remove the stress and unnecessary administrative tasks that come with the traditional packaging supply chain, such as paperwork, stockholding, logistics and Brexit delays. When you choose Origin, we deliver efficiencies into your supply chain strategy that allow you to focus on getting your product to market.

Global supply chain management specialists

The team that delivers our Supply Chain Management 3.0 service is composed of experienced analysts who understand market behaviour, season production timings, and how to bypass the volatility of ports during the logistics phase.

With 55 years of supply chain knowledge and the creation of new lean techniques, these analysts have the ability to continuously study and interpret buying trends to facilitate optimum buying power. Simultaneously, we remain committed to supporting ethical sourcing and the latest environmental strategies, ensuring that Origin provides a supply chain management solution that complements your company’s ambitious green policies.

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