Our Approach to Child Resistant Packaging

Origin is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of re-closable child resistant packages.

Origin are internationally recognised as plastic and glass packaging design experts and childproof packaging suppliers. We can offer a large range of packaging products to pharma companies including for prescription drugs and other harmful medicine which could be a danger to a child if consumed.

Child-resistant packaging, also known as “CR packaging”, is purpose made packaging utilised to lower the risk of infants and children ingesting harmful medicines. Packaging requirements from the EU and US standards for child resistant packaging regarding prescription drugs necessitate that over-the-counter medications and products that contain chemicals require by law the use of child safety features, and unit dosage packaging (blister packs) are also covered by these regulations.

We develop child resistant packaging solutions to meet and exceed the BSEN ISO 8317, 16CFR1700 certification and lab testing requirements for Europe and USA, ensuring our designs conform to MHRA and FDA regulatory guidelines. These international standards have both ethical and commercial significance; after all, a prevented ingestion is an equally successful prevention of brand damage.

Based out of our UK Innovation and Design Centre for pharmaceutical packaging, our new product development (NPD) team are continually investing their time and knowledge into developing commercial solutions for child resistant compliant packaging for the UK, across Europe, and the U.S.A.

The Origin organisation rests a deep resolve to ensure the health and safety of children from accidental drug ingestions. Our work with the Child Safe Packaging Group (CSPG) has brought us in touch with these types of incidents, and we know them to be traumatic experiences that change the lives of those involved. Parents and carers, the medical profession, legal representatives, and brand owners feel the effects of child ingestion incidents.

Origin are committed to preventing these occurrences. Each year we contribute to avoiding over 40 million ingestions of tablets and liquids, through our insistence on effective and compliant child resistant plastic container design.

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What Certification is Required for a Pack to be Classed as Child Resistant?

Over the past 60 years as specialists, Origin Pharma Packaging has seen the design and production of child safe packaging increase in legislation, and there have been growing challenges around the complexity and integrity of childproof safety caps for medicine bottle packaging.

For packaging to be classed as child resistant, it must meet one of the standards outlined below.

  • BS EN ISO 8317:2004: This is the international standard covering re-closable packaging for any contents.
  • 16 CFR 1700.20: This is the American regulation covering re-closable and non-re-closable packaging applicable to both medicines and non-medicines. Initially only mandatorily required for products sold in the United States, it has more recently been adopted by other countries as a standard.
  • BS EN 14375:2003: This is the European standard covering non re-closable packaging for medicines.
  • BS EN 862:2005: This is the European standard covering non re-closable packaging for non-medicines.

Origin has in-depth knowledge of these challenges and actually pioneered invisible traceability within their child safe packaging brands several years ago.

We engage with global pharmaceutical organisations, license holders, and CMOs to create packaging that is truly safe. We are actively supporting the work of the Child Safe Packaging Group who have parliamentary representation and influence the legislation that governs packaging used in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Counterfeit Medicines

Today it’s not only the inquisitive child that wants to open medicine packaging that is a problem; it’s also the wholesale introduction of falsified medicines by illicit organisations and packaging manufacturers, operating on commercial scales, who are intent on diluting your market share.

This has led to the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) being developed, and with it an ever-increasing demand for ingenuity to overcome the threats posed by the actions of these illegal organisations. WHO considers 1% of medicines in the Western world to be counterfeit, growing to 10% globally.

Origin’s Unique Offering

Our multi-faceted activities in these fields combine to make Origin’s unique business model.

Rather than operating from one location and in one narrow field of expertise, we operate from dedicated production cells strategically located in the European Union and the U.S. This gives us almost unlimited flexibility in our production processes, faster lead times, and in many cases localised stock holding.

Through our dedicated pharmaceutical packaging innovation team, we methodically develop and challenge our client’s needs and concepts from their inception through the various stages of design, materials, tooling, clinical trials, validation, production, assembly – and even marketing of the finished design.

Consumers trust Origin every day with the protection of what matters to them, be it the inherent value of a global brand, or the intrinsic value of young life itself.

Working with Origin minimises the risk of failure in child safe testing. We have been engaged in the development of child resistant packaging containers and products for more than half a century and have a long history and wealth of experience in effective designs. Our team are able to pre-assess your concept prior to submission to minimise the risk of failure and rejection.

If you are looking for industry leading child-resistant sterile packaging for pharmaceutical products, if you want guidance on packaging and the advantages of the types of products we design and produce, or require examples or a packaging quote, then get in touch with us today.

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