Medicinal Cannabis

UK Medicinal Cannabis Packaging Manufacturing Facilities

Our cleanroom manufacturing facilities (GMP accredited) enable us to create industry-leading packaging, compliant with strict pharmaceutical standards. Origin’s market-leading production environment has a range of production techniques, making it one of the most flexible cleanroom packaging manufacturing facilities in the UK.


The cleanroom consists of the following specification:

  • Classification: ISO7 class 10, 000 to ISO8 class 100, 000
  • Compliant to ISO14644 | ISO9001
  • ISO 15378 | BRC
  • All manufacturing processes are electrically driven

We utilise a range of manufacturing techniques from stretch blow moulding to injection moulding. We will work alongside you to determine the best option for the desired packaging outcome you are looking to achieve.

Packaging for Medicinal Cannabis

Origin Pharma Packaging specialises in medicinal cannabis packaging, ranging from a large amount of stock products which are ready for call-off, to custom packaging, designed and created by our in-house packaging experts. Who understand and have the knowledge on the best choice of materials for your packaging materials and inevitably creating a pack which is the best for your target customer.

Our vast amount of experience in pharmaceutical packaging and devices aligns very well with the development of  new and existing medicinal cannabis products.

Custom Packaging Design

Stock Packaging

  • 16 CFR 1700 Certified | Compliant child resistant design
  • Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970 Compliant
  • Recyclable
  • Ideal product for storing pills
  • Very good for transporting prescription pills
  • External brandable panels
  • Tamper Evident and Child Resistant (or ‘child proof’) pipette closure
  • Maximum product integrity and security for a bulb and pipette closure
  • Hole closure manufactured in HDPE
Child Resistant Jars

Child Resistant Jars

  • Pharmaceutical grade HDPE jars with compatible child-resistant closures
  • Certified to ISO8317 and 16CFR
  • Produced in any custom colour to order

Medical cannabis (medicinal) is fast becoming a form a medication that is proving to be very powerful which can have positive effects on the human body.

Cannabis is a plant and comes from the cannabaceae family and is made up of a number of chemicals, which are biologically based. The common compounds that are prominent within are delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

The only cannabis-based product allowed to market and has been approved by the FDA is the drug, Epidiolex, a drug which has been developed to assist people with severe epilepsy. Iit has been passed as the CBD (not THC) based product is effective for its intended use of supressing seizures.

It is important to understand that THC is a constitute of cannabis and causes the “high” therefore THC is a potential cause for unknown outcomes for the consumer.


Is one of several chemicals found in cannabis, also known as the marijuana plant. Cannabidoids can range from THC and CBD which both have different-potential effects on the body.


Is the major psychoactive component of hemp. THC can be extracted and is used in the FDA approved drug, dronabinol, which is to help treat nausea- associated with cancer medicines. Studies have also found that THC can potentially help improve memory.


Cannabidiol is up to 40% of hemp’s extract. CBD can be consumed orally via liquid or can be vaped. CBD does not have the same psychoactive effects as THC. A CBD drug has been given FDA approval for epilepsy disorders.

Cannabis based productions for medicinal use

There are a number cannabis based products being developed for medicinal purposes. One major drug development which has had FDA approval is Epidiolex. The FDA is continually analysing the regulatory frameworks for products that contain cannabis.

Synthetic cannabidoids for medicinal use

Synthetic developments with cannabidiods have a stronger effect on the body and can be damaging, in comparison to its natural counterparts.  However, if developed correctly and used appropriately, synthetic cannabidiods could have a therapeutic and desired effect.

Non-medicinal CBD products

Non-medicinal CBD oil comes from industrial hemp. These products have become popular as they don’t create a ‘high’.  However, they may help in reducing inflammation or pain.

Non-medicinal cannabis

Is an illicit drug and is legalised in certain countries and states but is also remains illegal in certain countries. Cannabis, also known as marijuana and is used for recreational purposes and has both creative psychoactive and physiological effects.

Non-medicinal synthetic cannabidoids

Are specifically designed and are not naturally derived from the hemp plant. These ‘designer’ drugs- have been created to avoid legal restrictions within specific countries.

Our vast amount of experience in pharmaceutical packaging and device experience aligns very well with the development of medicinal cannabis and the product which are currently being developed in the pipeline.

Preparation of Cannabis for Medicinal Purposes

Origin is involved with a number of major medical cannabis-based products and is strategically placed across Europe and North America to support new projects which are in early stage development. With our packaging knowledge and supply chain model we enable the product to go from development to commercial in record speeds.

There are a number of countries that forbid companies to produce and prepare cannabis for medical use and others have strict rules around the production and sale of cannabis. Take a look at the interactive map below – to find out how legislation varies in Europe.

ItalyMacedonia Netherlands PolandPortugalSpainSwiterlandFrance


  • Doctors must seek and try an alternative treatment before reverting to medical cannabis
  • Supply bought from pharmacies
  • Pharmacies buy from the military, who grow it in a secured facility in Florence
  • Physician has to see every time you need a new prescription


  • Medical use only
  • Doctors are the ones ones who can prescribe oil containing more than 0.2% cannabinoids
  • Specialists in neurology and radiology can prescribe for specific conditions


  • Cannabis usage tolerated in the country (recreational)
  • Medical cannabis can be bought through dispenseries (pharmacies)


  • Medical use only
  • Accessible via 90% of the pharmacies across the country


  • For medical and recreational use


  • Are permitted to buy cannabis legally
  • Medical + recreational usage
  • There are specific laws created by Medical Cannabis Association


  • Shops do sell cannabis based products by can only be sub 1% THC
  • Medical use only


  • 2019 – will begin to trial medical cannabis for two years
  • Medical cannabis production is not authorised in France
  • No legalisation for recreational use

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