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Origin is an expert in the design and manufacture of child-resistant bottles, including a range of dropper, sirop and tablet bottles and more.

Our child-resistant bottles are designed to provide a safe a secure way to store and access healthcare and medical products. We offer a range of medical bottles to hold tablets, powders, liquids and even aromatherapy products like CBD oil.

All our child-proof bottles are developed by our expert team of designers and technologists in our world-class global manufacturing facilities with dedicated cleanroom environments. So, you get peace of mind that every product features the latest child-resistant technology.

Safe and secure medicine bottles

All Origin child-resistant packaging products include a mechanism that is designed to prevent accidental access to potentially harmful products by children, while remaining intuitive and senior-friendly. For example, our child-resistant bottles feature caps that require two dissimilar motions to open.

Our child-resistant products are developed to the highest industry standards and are 16 CFR 1700.20-approved and CRC-compliant, aligning with the MHRA ‘opinion’ that licensed medicinal products must meet safety, quality and efficacy standards to protect public health.

View our range of child-resistant bottles in a range of sizes or work with our team to build a bespoke product in a design to suit your products.

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