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A child resistant cap & closure are used to ensure safety and stop accidental ingestion of prescription drugs, over the counter medications, nicotine contained in E-cigarette refill containers, and household chemicals by infants and children.

Origin has global manufacturing facilities for Child Resistant Closures (CRC), lidding, and child resistant dropper caps (tamper evident). We are specialists in mould construction and design of dispensing closures used in the pharmaceutical industry for plastic bottle caps and glass containers.

We use polypropylene, urea, and aluminium caps for medicine bottles that have passed integrity testing to meet CRC specifications for labelling and closure packaging requirements for medications. All our products meet stringent UK, European, and US laws (Approved to ISO8317 and 16CFR1700.20) regulating food standards and pharmaceutical child safe caps and closures.

Our containers are accessible by most adults but have a degree of difficulty to open (require two dissimilar motions for opening). We ensure suitability for those with impaired vision with tactile warnings of danger, raised-profile warnings. Our proprietary range, supplemented with an extensive listing of approved and compatible selected partners’ closures and accessories.

Container and closure variants are available for all of Origin’s containers including embossed, screw cap, ClickLoc, and snap, push-fit (with tamper evidence) child resistant caps, and multi-function lidding. Material, seal, and liner options are available for most applications. Stoppers and seals complement the vial ranges. Lotion, treatment and atomising dispensers are available in combination with compatible bottles. Please contact us for a list of all the types of closure system and medicine caps we can supply.

Closures we offer:

  • Screw caps
  • Child resistant closures
  • Dropper Caps and closures
  • Tamper evident closures
  • Child resistant dropper caps